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American Council on Exercise has released a new career support tool to help ACE Certified exercise professionals and health coaches embark on lifelong learning and charter personalized career paths. ACE® Pro Compass, is a new tool that helps professionals navigate their careers through curated content and resources that help them define, develop and reach their full potential. ACE’s commitment to the success of exercise professionals and health coaches extends beyond certification, and this comprehensive new career support platform provides unprecedented ongoing support, guidance, tools and resources to help them thrive.

“Historically the fitness industry has sold the idea of a career in fitness through certification but has not done enough to support exercise professionals and health coaches beyond getting certified,” said Scott Goudeseune, ACE chief executive officer. “We are changing the game with ACE Pro Compass and additional tools by providing a tailored experience for professionals with ongoing support and guidance to create the career that fuels their passions for helping others from the first thought of getting started in the industry to when they decide to retire.”

ACE knows that knowledge is a lifelong pursuit and is here to keep exercise professionals and health coaches up to date with the leading evidence-based education available. Whether it be another certification or specialist program, continuing education, or extensive blogs, ACE is committed to supporting exercise professionals and health coaches well beyond initial certification.

“The COVID-19 pandemic caused many exercise professionals and health coaches to shift and adapt how or where they work, interact with clients or perhaps have even made people wary to enter into this industry,” said Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM ACE president and chief science officer. “As we begin to move toward a new normal, these professionals need trusted guidance and support as the fitness industry reimagines itself. ACE is proud to be a resource and an industry leader in providing career support so exercise professionals and health coaches can thrive.”

How Do I Get Started?

On your computer or smartphone, open your browser to Scroll down to learn how it works or click GET STARTED. Log into your existing MyACE account. Set up your profile with your current certification(s), experience, professional interest, and employment type. Add topics of interest that suit you and ACE Pro Compass will guide you through curated content just for ACE Pros, and exactly for you. It's that simple.

Science-based education, community connection, and now unparalleled career support, ACE offers three pillars to build a strong foundation for your personal health and wellness path—from textbook to retirement.

Enjoyed this blog? Explore more like it only in ACE Pro Compass. Map out the career you want with ACE as your guide. Let's go!

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