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The American Council on Exercise is proud to announce the launch of an all-new ACE Health Coach study program.

The original ACE Health Coach study program, launched in 2013, was a pioneer in the space of Health Coaching. By providing a guided study and learning experience, thousands of people achieved their goal of becoming a Certified Health Coach. Others used this important knowledge to influence healthy change with patients and clients encountered in their existing health or fitness role.

Today, more than 7,000 individuals proudly call themselves ACE Certified Health Coaches, making ACE the largest certifying body of health coaches in this rapidly growing profession. Each one of these individuals, partnering in ACE’s mission to Get People Moving, plays a crucial role in the fight against the global health epidemic of inactivity-related disease.

Since the launch of this program five years ago, the health-coaching space has grown and evolved considerably. When the time came for ACE to update this material, we brought together leaders in health coaching from across the country to help us create an innovative, totally revamped program that would comprehensively prepare individuals to launch a successful career as a Health Coach. To ensure we were truly meeting the needs of learners, we surveyed and met with newly certified professionals to solicit their feedback on the learning experience.

It was this invaluable input that prompted us to create the interactive and comprehensive learning experience we are launching today.



From the feedback we received, we heard an overwhelming call for “more coaching information.” Respondents wanted a deeper understanding of the theories and methods of health coaching, but also more detail describing effective application of these coaching skills. The first two sections of the textbook—six full chapters of The Professionals Guide to Health and Wellness Coaching—and corresponding online learning materials are dedicated to the theory and application of behavior-change coaching.
In section three, we expanded upon our “three pillars” concept. Originally focused on understanding behavior change and guidelines for exercise and nutrition, we added essential information on the efficacy of stress reduction, sleep hygiene and other lifestyle behavior changes that have been shown to affect health markers.

Section four is dedicated to the understanding of the most common diseases and comorbidities that currently are affecting the health of our global population, arming ACE Health Coaches with both the knowledge and vocabulary to work with other health professionals to promote and encourage behavior change as lifestyle medicine.

The material in section five prepares our health coaches for the work environment. In addition to highlighting opportunities for employment, this section also covers important legal considerations associated with the profession.

Finally, the new program addresses the core competencies of health coaching within a single educational program. Not only does it arm pros with evidence-based strategies for behavior change, it also prepares them to put theory into practice to empower clients to make healthy, lifestyle changes that help prevent and manage chronic disease.


For visual and auditory learners, we’ve added some exciting online components to the program. These components are all available on the ACE U Learning Center, which is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.
Each chapter includes video lectures featuring renowned experts and esteemed professionals and instructors in the field of health coaching. These videos review and explain some of the more challenging topics.

We also expanded the ACE in Action Video and Audio Coaching Sessions. ACE in Action immerses students in the world of health coaching by presenting real health coaches conducting sessions with clients. The ACE in Action series is woven throughout the online training to give students real-life examples of how to effectively translate theory into action.

For those who are auditory learners or want to study in the car, in the gym or on the go, The Professional's Guide to Health and Wellness Coaching in now available in audiobook format. The audiobook is a professional reading of The Professional's Guide to Health and Wellness Coaching and serves as a great way to continue your learning wherever you are.

The program also features extensive exam preparation opportunities. These include a Study Companion, Knowledge Checks and Quizzes as well as study tips from ACE Study Coaches and practice exams to increase your confidence in sitting for the certification exam.

We are excited about this program and the efforts we’ve made to ensure we are catering to many different learning styles while sharing this impactful information.

Should I buy these materials?
The Health Coach Study Program provides you with evidence-based information and real-world application knowledge to positively impact the health of clients in the fitness industry and patients undergoing medical care through lifestyle behavior change.

Guiding people to find joy in a lifestyle that positively impacts their health and wellness is an exceptionally rewarding career. We are thrilled each time someone becomes ACE Certified and takes on our shared mission to Get People Moving.

Learn more about this program here.

Help people lead happier, healthier lives as an ACE Certified Health Coach