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3 Exercises to do Instead of Burpees

Tired of doing burpees all the time? There’s no question they are effective, but doing the same movement over and over can get monotonous. ACE pro Jonathan Ross presents three burpee alternatives that deliver similar full-body benefits.

5 Plank Variations That Will Challenge Your Core

Planks are incredibly effective, strengthening the core, arms, shoulders, glutes and legs. And when you move beyond the basic plank, by lifting an arm or adding movement, you can dramatically increase the challenge of the exercise. Here are five plank variations that focus on lifting the legs and adding rotation to intensity the work.

Yoga for Weightlifters: 7 Poses to Increase Range of Motion

Flexibility is an important component of a well-rounded fitness routine, especially for those who tend to gravitate towards strength training. Incorporating these yoga poses into your workout regimen will help increase range of motion, as well as enhance stability and mobility.

6 Functional Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Consider adding one or more of these six highly effective functional strength and conditioning exercises to your clients’ programs. Not only do these exercises challenge the body in new ways and can help break through fitness plateaus, they can also improve overall quality of life by making daily activities easier to perform.

Metabolic Conditioning Kettlebell Complex

Adding kettlebell training to your workout regimen provides a highly-effective way to build strength, flexibility and power. This full-body complex can be performed two to three times per week, with a minimum of one full day of rest between workouts.

Heart-Pumping Plyometrics Workout

Plyometric training, which uses explosive movements to build strength and condition the muscles and heart, offers the benefits of both strength training and high-intensity interval training. This 15-minute plyometric workout is a great way to introduce this form of training to your clients that are ready for a greater challenge.

7 Squat Variations That Will Strengthen Your Lower Body

Squatting is a foundational movement that most of us perform every day without even thinking about it. And yet this exercise can be a challenge for some people. Learn how to help your clients master the basic body-weight squat before progressing to more challenging moves that will strengthen the muscles of the lower body and improve their ability to perform this foundational movement.

Improve Your Strength and Performance with this 5 x 5 Workout

It can be a challenge to come up with new ways to help your clients safely and effectively achieve their strength goals. Here’s a technique that originated in the former Soviet Union that has proven extremely effective: lifting just five reps at a time. Check out this 5 x 5 workout that can help improve both strength and, when combined with proper skills practice, sport-specific performance as well.