Jessica Matthews by Jessica Matthews

New year, new clients. New health and fitness goals, and the opportunity to incorporate some new equipment into your training sessions. Expand your fitness arsenal in 2015 with these 10 tools that top trainers swear by.

Training tool: The Qube

Why you should check it out: “It’s strong enough to be sturdy at 20, 24 and 30 inches, but soft enough to be safe, giving you the confidence to do more reps or try higher heights. I’ve had two “misses” already and had no injury on my shins, making the need for wearing knee-high socks unnecessary,” shares Jonathan Ross, world-renowned master trainer and author of Abs Revealed.


Training tool: SandRope Battle Rope

Why you should check it out: Battling ropes just got better with the addition of shifting sand to add a whole new challenge to training. The 10-foot rope can be filled with either 15 or 30 pounds of sand, making it as heavy as a single 50-foot long heavy rope but with the ability to be easily transported and stored in just a fraction of the space. Plus the easy-to-grip durable neoprene cover enables the ropes to safely be used on any surface with or without being anchored.


Training tool: HAVYKsliders

Why you should check it out: “For years, I’ve been a huge proponent of bodyweight training and any implements that can be used for making it more effective, and sliders are one such tool. What separates the HAVYKsliders from other popular sliding tools is the 360-degree freedom of movement. And because there’s less friction involved, it requires more control, coordination, balance and muscle activation,” says Doug Balzarini, C.S.C.S., M.M.A.-C.C., founder of DB Strength and program director for 22 Athletics in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Training tool: The Accelerator

Why you should check it out: “Speed cords are synergistically fun and effective at developing performance while applying resistance in multiple directions. Not only do the cords add variety and intensity to a workout, they are also the perfect tool to incorporate partner exercises,” notes Elizabeth Kovar, M.A., fitness writer and ACE Master Trainer.


Training tool: BOSU Sport

Why you should check it out: “This portable, space-efficient version of the popular BOSU Balance Trainer is perfect for training different clientele—such as active older adults and youth—and also for training in small spaces, like a New York City apartment. It is the single piece of equipment I recommend when people ask about having just one piece of versatile equipment for training cardio, strength, flexibility and balance,” says Lawrence Biscontini, M.A., mindful movement specialist and award-winning international fitness educator.


Training tool: Quick Change Resistance Band System

Why you should check it out: Portable and cost-effective, this new training tool is essentially five resistance bands rolled into one, making it even easier to offer training sessions on the go without the need for toting around excess equipment. The system comes complete with five different training cables ranging in resistance from 10 to 50 pounds, each of which can easily be inserted into the handles or the door anchor to change in just seconds the amount of resistance used for any given exercise.


Training tool: ActivMotion Bar

Why you should check it out: “I love the ActivMotion Bar because it’s simple yet super effective. This training tool automatically creates instability so it’s perfect for my clients, especially golfers who want to improve their balance and engage their core during each phase of every exercise,” shares Franklin Antoian, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and founder of the online personal training website


Training tool: Kamagon Ball

Why you should check it out: “This training tool is a hybrid of a kettlebell and medicine ball that uses the unique properties of hydro-intertia in which water shifts inside the ball, creating a moving mass inside so the user is manipulating a dynamic unstable object with their hands. This type of training has great carryover to activities of daily living and also sports performance,” notes Keli Roberts, ACE Gold Certified Group Fitness instructor and international fitness educator.


Training tool: Strong Board

Why you should check it out: “This is a great piece of equipment that I personally use with my clients because it brings a new dynamic to efficiently challenge the mind while training the body and improving balance. It is truly a revolutionary training tool that has become a staple in all of the workouts at my facility,” shares Mike Z. Robinson, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of MZR Fitness.


Training tool: FitnessMat

Why you should check it out: With cloud-like cushioning, the FitnessMat adds a whole new level of comfort to any type of exercise, whether performed standing, seated, kneeling or supine. With a unique design that keeps the edges from curling, making the potential for tripping obsolete, and anti-microbial properties that make cleaning a breeze, this workout mat is definitely designed with safety and support in mind.

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