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Whether you are a newcomer to the fitness world and considering hiring a personal trainer to help you pursue your health and wellness goals, an experienced exerciser who has been working out on your own but looking to take that next step by hiring a trainer for the first time, or an ACE Certified Personal Trainer trying to explain the value of what you do to new and potential clients and wondering how to sell personal training, it’s essential to understand that this is an evidence-based profession. What this means is that there is scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of working with a personal trainer on your health and fitness journey. 

The benefits extend beyond those associated with performing regular exercise, as evidence shows that working out with a trainer by your side (which the research calls “supervised exercise”) often yields more benefit than exercising on your own. The following is a quick rundown of some key findings: 

  • Supervision during an exercise session, like that provided by a personal trainer, improved how well exercisers performed movements, which in turn improved training outcomes and reduced the risk of injury among older adults and individuals with chronic disease. In addition, researchers found that the accountability provided through the monitoring of client progress improved adherence to the program. 
  • Supervised exercise programs improved the quality of life of patients with cancer, who said that the program “contributes positively to their quality of life by improving physical fitness and health and providing personalized care.”
  • Supervised exercise reduced medication use among older veterans with multiple diseases or conditions, including medications for pain relief, mental health, cardiac conditions, diabetes and lipid lowering, which demonstrates the role that working with a personal trainer can play in helping people who have multiple chronic conditions.
  • Supervised exercise was more effective than unsupervised exercise at improving physical activity, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.  

So, in summary, the evidence shows that personal training offers a number of benefits beyond those associated with regular physical activity, and it is the supervision, expertise and accountability provided that makes the difference. 

Additional Benefits of Personal Training 

If you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer (or are a personal trainer trying to find new ways to sell your services), consider these additional benefits of working with a trainer

  • Empowerment through accountability: The value of the partnership between trainer and client cannot be overstated. It begins with goal setting and the initial program design, but continues throughout the ongoing relationship, as the client achieves their goals and establishes new ones. For many people, getting to the gym is half the battle, and that is made much easier by the knowledge that a supportive, collaborative partner is there to hold you accountable and travel alongside you on your wellness journey.
  • Safety and effectiveness: One of the hallmarks of personal training is the ability to offer “safe and effective” exercise programs. After all, there is a reason that phrase appears throughout the ACE textbooks and learning programs. Those two elements coexist during every session, as the trainer watches to make sure the client is performing each movement with proper form, while also pushing them to make progress toward their goals. 
  • Personalization: Another hallmark of quality personal training is a personalized approach to program design and training. A program you find online or in a magazine may not be the best fit for you, your fitness level or your goals. Working with a trainer who knows you well and can align your program with your personal needs and values will maximize your results.
  • Access to expertise and experience: Another benefit of working with a personal trainer is the ability to receive feedback from a highly educated professional. In addition, they will be able to answer your questions (or know where to find answers to your questions) about exercise and health. 
  • The confidence to push yourself: Anyone who has worked with a personal trainer or taken part in a group fitness class knows that you often get a better workout than you’d expected or that you typically get on your own. A personal trainer will ensure that you are pushing yourself, maximizing your results and making steady progress in your exercise program.  


If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, explore how you can achieve lasting success as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, choose your study program and begin a rewarding career in a growing and exciting field.  

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