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Continuing education is essential to your growth and effectiveness as a health and fitness professional. After all, whether we’re talking about trends, research and methodology, or best techniques, our industry is constantly changing. And one of the best ways to keep up with all the available new information is to keep learning and seeking out relevant continuing education.

That’s just one of the reasons why ACE is so committed to delivering high-quality education that helps both you and your clients achieve the results you desire. ACE offers numerous ways to obtain continuing education credits (CECs), including specialist programs, online courses, quizzes and new certifications, but if I’m running low on CECs (or even when I have plenty but want to expand my knowledge!) I almost always opt for the live workshops. Here’s why:


My favorite part about live fitness workshops is the building of community through the fitness industry. Bouncing ideas off of other health and fitness pros, and having the instructor answer questions and elaborate beyond the material makes this in and of itself worth the day.


While I learn a lot from books and webinars, diving into the actual experience makes it much more likely that I will retain the knowledge because I have started applying it right away. Most people learn from seeing, hearing and doing.


Want to make an eight- (or five-) hour day fly by? Take a CEC course with ACE. With knowledgeable and entertaining Master Instructors, even the most in-depth and scientific material becomes fun and exciting.


Take a moment to review the live workshops ACE is currently offering, and check back often as they are always updating and expanding their educational selection!

Sports Conditioning Workshop

This interactive (and highly active) workshop dives into sports-conditioning drills involving balance, agility, coordination speed, reactivity and power, and the science behind them. Participants also learn how to systematically program these drills into workouts and specifically tailor them to all ability levels.

Small Group Training Workshop

How can you make more money, reach more people and have more fun in a shorter amount of time? Small-group training. This workshop covers marketing techniques and program design (based on the innovative ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model) for small-group training,

Applying Behavior Change Techniques Workshop (5 Hours) 

In this world of “30-Day Challenges,” how can we encourage long-term adherence to a healthy lifestyle? Learn how to develop and utilize effective communication strategies and integrate positive psychology to help facilitate behavior change in this five-hour workshop.

Fitness Programming for Overweight Clients and Clients Affected by Obesity

Are you prepared to work with a client struggling with obesity? Spend the day learning goal-setting and behavior-change strategies that work. This workshop also focuses on appropriate starting points and exercise progressions for this population based on the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model.

Metabolic Training Workshop

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and metabolic training workouts can be fun, but do you understand the science behind them? The Metabolic Training Workshop examines the physiological principles behind metabolic training, weight loss and HIIT. You will also be equipped with tools to help identify resting metabolic rate and calculate the optimal caloric and macronutrient intake based on a client’s goals—leading to safe and effective weight-loss strategies.

Personal Training Workshop: Client Communication, Assessment and Program Design

Learn to make personal training “personal” once again! This workshop covers how to screen clients for risk and conduct physiological assessments, and then apply this to programs relevant to their needs and goals. With a focus on behavior change and building rapport through communication, this workshop is sure to help you get the right start with your new clients.

Movement-Based Exercise Workshop

Based on understandings of fascia, exercise should be considered a series of integrated movement patterns as opposed to isolated muscle contractions. But do you know how to use this knowledge when designing programs? Through this workshop, learn the science behind movement based training, and how to use the  ACE Integrated Fitness Training®  Model for exercise program design.

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