Brett Klika by Brett Klika

As a health and fitness professional, you have the opportunity to share your positive influence with people all over the world. Follow this three-step strategy to reach more people with your life-changing ideas and perspective, grow your business and start living an extraordinary life while helping others do the same.

Imagine if all history’s greatest influencers kept their ideas to themselves.

“I really think the world is round, but people will think I’m stupid.”

“My idea about democracy would be a great way for a country to operate, but I’m so busy!”

“People could actually run their lives from a cell phone, but I’m not as smart as Alexander Graham Bell.”

Across the ages, innovators have taken risks sharing their ideas with the world. Many of these risks have paid off in creating legacies, fortunes and influence, while continuing to shape our lives in a positive way. (Of course, a few resulted in some beheadings, but, you know, what are you going to do?)

As a health and fitness professional, we have the opportunity to share our positive influence with people all over the world. Not only has the Internet put us all within an immediate “send” or “post” reach of one another, health has come to the forefront of society’s conversation. People need and want our message more than ever and we have a powerful way to get it to them.

In understanding this opportunity, it’s also important to remember that we are health and fitness professionals—not fitness hobbyists.

We are fortunate enough to make our living helping others change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, we often forget that we have to make our own living, as well. We become timid and even ashamed when we attempt to improve our ability to earn a better income.

But here’s the important thing to remember: When our businesses grow, so do our opportunities to help others, and vice versa. Without making a living, we can’t help make other people’s lives better.

If you want to start making an extraordinary living for yourself while expanding your positive influence to the world, it’s time to start growing your business by sharing your ideas and experiences.

With a three-step strategy, you can use today’s powerful tools to reach more people with your life-changing ideas and perspective, grow your business and start living an extraordinary life while helping others do the same.

It’s a matter of mastering, making and marketing.



Who is your ideal client? I’m talking about the clients that never miss a training session. The ones that show up to your “education nights” at your facility, who have stuck with you through thick and thin and have credited you with changing their lives. The ones that “like” everything you post on social media.

These are your “rabid fans.”

Whether you intended to captivate and corner the market for this particular demographic or not, your message, personality and overall approach to fitness obviously resonates with these people in a powerful way.

You may only see a handful of these people every week, but there are literally tens of millions of people JUST LIKE THEM all over the world.

If you want to reach these masses, you must become an expert and MASTER the needs of the people you best serve.

Of your current rabid fans:

  1. What are their biggest struggles?
  2. What are their most commonly discussed fears?
  3. What’s their average age?
  4. What’s their average socioeconomic status?
  5. Are they single? Married? Career-driven? Stay-at-home?
  6. What are their most common questions?
  7. Where do they go to get information (social media, blogs, journals, TV, etc.)?

When you focus on truly understanding these characteristics (and more) of your biggest fans, you can create a blueprint of how to create specific, valuable messages that resonate with them and the millions around the world just like them.

People pay for solutions to problems. Once you better MASTER the needs of your biggest fans, take time to MASTER solutions to their biggest problems. Then share them for a fee.

For example, you find you have a vast, committed client list of 40-year-old men. You work with other clients, but this client demographic really resonates with you. Their common struggles may include mid-life weight gain, balancing work and home, maintaining testosterone or a host of other challenges.

Commit to intensely researching these topics. Read articles, books and journals. Interview experts. Log what you've observed from your experience. Learn everything you can about helping your biggest fans overcome their biggest challenges.

Now you have the knowledge and experience to position yourself as an expert, not only to your specific clients, but to the millions around the world JUST LIKE THEM.


Once you have identified your biggest fans’ struggles, AND you have done the research and accumulated the experience to provide them with solutions, it’s time to create the solutions.

This is the step where you establish yourself as an expert, not only to the people you work with on a daily basis, but to the millions around the world just like them.

Take the information and experience you have and “package” it into videos, books, e-books, blogs seminars, webinars, online courses or other materials. The medium by which you deliver these solutions does not have to be complex.

If you know your biggest fans well enough (you’ve MASTERED their needs), you should know you are providing a solution to a problem they MUST solve to improve their lives. The resources you make don’t have to be fancy.

Consider creating a simple video (or series of videos) with available transcripts and accompanying “journaling” worksheets. Maybe your fans enjoy reading their information, so create an e-book. Maybe they prefer live seminars or webinars.

You will want to make solutions that are both paid and free. Free blogs, Facebook posts and short videos are easily distributed and shared through email and social media. This distribution of information helps establish you as an expert to your current fans, and helps you reach new ones.



Now that you know your fans’ biggest problems and you’ve created solutions for them, it’s time to let the world know.

Take the blogs, short videos or infographics you’ve created and start posting them on social media or sending them via email. Advertise a free webinar about your topic. Host a free evening workshop at your gym or facility.

It’s important to understand where your biggest fans (and people like them) go to get their information. If they’re not on social media, don’t spend time and energy there. Learn where the best places are to distribute your information so your biggest fans consume it.

Whenever possible, ask for direct contact information (emails, social media fan page likes or joins). This way, you can get information directly to them.

Soon, your name or brand will start to become synonymous with a solution to a problem. The list of people who now consider you their tribe leader will grow tremendously, and these fans can’t WAIT until you provide them an opportunity to pay for your expertise. Your free stuff is so great that they can’t even imagine how great your paid information will be.

Taking the steps to MASTER your biggest fan’s problems, MAKE solutions to these problems and MARKET (let them know about these solutions) gives your expanded group of fans the opportunity to improve their lives.

Meanwhile, your opportunity to reach more people and make an extraordinary living will expand well beyond the limitations of your client list. You will soon be making a living that enables you to continue making other people’s lives better.