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As the fitness industry continues to evolve, opportunities for instructors have never been greater. With so much variety in the field, no two interview experiences are the same. Keep in mind that most companies require a verbal interview and a practical audition.

The following tips can help you prepare for your interview and make a great first impression:

1. Get prepared

Make sure you understand how the interview will work. What skills should you present in the audition? Will there be live participants in the audition? What kind of sound system does the club have? What equipment will be available? Stop by the facility in advance if possible, to be sure you know where you’re going and to scope out the audition space. Research the organization’s website and social media to get a feel for the culture and mission.

2. Provide a resume

Create a resume that reflects your training and experience in the fitness field as well as any other relevant career information. List your certifications, specialty trainings and experience, as well as any career highlights. Email your resume to the hiring manager prior to your interview so they have time to review your qualifications.

3. Dress for success

You want your appearance to convey that you’re neat and professional. Wear modest clothing that keeps you appropriately covered during all movement. Make sure your hair is away from your face and you are able to focus on your teaching skills rather than your outfit. Each organization has its own unique culture, but professional and conservative attire is always a safe bet.

4. Demonstrate your skills

The key word here is “demonstrate.” Act as though your audition is a regular class. Avoid telling the interviewer what you are doing; just do it. If you’re teaching to an empty room, pretend the class is full. Give safety cues and modifications just as you would if you were teaching a live class. It may seem silly, but you are displaying your ability to be professional and fulfill the role no matter the circumstances.

5. Ask questions

Prepare questions in advance to show the interviewer you’re serious about the job, and to determine if the organization is a good fit for you. Is there financial assistance or incentives for continuing education? Do you need to carry professional liability insurance?

Preparation is the difference between a mediocre and extraordinary interview. Each interview is an opportunity to explore the field and learn about your own wants and needs so you can find that perfect fit.

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