Shana Verstegen by Shana Verstegen

The TRX Suspension Trainer is well known for its ability to build strength through high-tension loads and challenging progressions. It is also a fantastic way to improve mobility because it allows the exerciser to unload certain joints through movements or apply a moderate load to assist with movements around a joint. And, as demonstrated in the workout presented below, the TRX Suspension Trainer is also a valuable tool for performing a challenging metabolic workout. 

The large number of muscles involved in every exercise combined with the need to control one’s body through space during movement means this workout will help your clients get a significant number of motor units firing all at once. While this workout is advanced (and thus not appropriate for all clients), the TRX Suspension Trainer makes it possible to modify the exercises to suit each client’s fitness level. 

This is a short workout, but it burns a significant number of calories and your clients’ anaerobic levels will be challenged repeatedly. And while some clients will want to try to do 15 reps of each exercise at the most advanced option, remember that the client’s last repetition should look just as good as the first. Consider beginning with an advanced version of an exercise for the first two to three reps, and then scale back as needed. 


15 reps/side of each exercise 

  1. TRX Squat Row Combo
  2. TRX Forward Lunge with Y Fly
  3. TRX Single Leg Hip Hinge


Perform 15 reps on each side of each exercise with a 45-second rest between exercises

Need more of a challenge? After a five-minute break at the end of the workout, perform these five exercises again. 

TRX Front Squat With Hops

TRX Front Squat

Fully lengthen the TRX Suspension Trainer and stand facing away from the anchor point. Switch your grip so that the handles are glued to your ribcage and the straps are in your armpits. Walk back to a 45-degree angle, and position the feet about shoulder-width apart. Drop the hips straight back while maintaining a 90-degree angle at the knees. Drive through the floor and onto your toes with a hop forward, small hop back, and then drop the hips back down to reset.

Careful: When squatting, sit back rather than bend the knees forward toward the floor.

Modification: This exercise can be done without a hop.

TRX Scorpion/Burpee Combo

With the Suspension Trainer at mid-calf length, place your left foot in the foot cradles while standing facing away from the anchor point; begin in a single-leg balance. Drop down to a hand plank and, with a stable spine, rotate the right leg over the top of your body, and then underneath to rotate the thoracic spine. Follow this rotation with a push-up. Pull the right leg back under the body and through to a lunging motion, and then return back to the starting position. 

Careful: Make sure the hips do not sag during the rotations or push-up. Keep the working knee pointed straight ahead during the lowering and lunging phase of this exercise.

Modifications: The rotations and push-ups can be completely skipped if needed, or the push-up can be performed from the knees.

TRX Alternate Crossing Balance Lunge With Hop Switch

With the strap positioned at mid-length, stand facing the anchor point with the right foot centered. Lower the hips down and back as the left leg reaches behind, to the point at which the left knee passes the right ankle. Engage the right hip and drive through the glutes while jumping off of that leg. Land on the left foot and drop into the same position on the other side.

Careful: Before adding the jump, ensure you have proper lunge mechanics and knee alignment.

Modification: This exercise can be performed without the jump and/or with the back foot on the floor during the lunge.

TRX Muscle-Ups

With the strap set at mid-length, sit slightly behind the anchor point with your right knee bent and your left leg straight. Begin by rowing the chest toward your hands, flip the grip, and press your body over your hands.

Careful: Ensure the back does not arch on the pulling motion and keep the shoulders down and back throughout the exercise.

Modification: Increase the bend in the right (or left) knee to reduce the difficulty of the exercise.

TRX Jump Squats

With the strap set at mid-length, stand facing the anchor point with the feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Without leaning back on the straps, drop your hips as low as is comfortable, engage the glutes and drive up through the floor. Pull and push into the handles as you rise up off of the floor to involve the entire body and achieve maximum airtime.

Careful: Bend the knees immediately upon landing and don’t allow them to buckle inward.

Modification: Remove the jump.