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Woman using tabletThe rules for building a successful business are changing quickly. Social media has us connected 24/7, and with constant connectivity comes constant opportunity to connect and network with other individuals. Business owners can now make connections and build relationships with millions of people. Geography is no longer a barrier. The specific market vertical you are in does not change the opportunity to connect.

You also don’t need to wait until someone has purchased a product or service from you before you consider him or her a client. Instead, treat each person on your email list, those that have liked your Facebook page, have followed you on Twitter or connected with you on LinkedIn as your clients right out of the gate. Give each relationship the nurturing that it deserves. If you treat everyone you encounter as if he or she is your most important client, you may be surprised to see how quickly your new connections become paying clients.

How can you nurture all your new relationships on social media? Here are three tips:

1. Post regularly and often on every social media outlet that you use.

It is because of regular posting that your followers will get to know you better and begin to feel a part of your community. This is how trust is cultivated. Potential customers have to become exposed to your brand and decide that they like you before they can move forward and decide to buy from you.

2. Share articles, tips and encouraging words daily to create a community of like-minded people.

The quality and quantity of your posts will go a long way in building trust in with the new social media-driven relationships. Give your followers information and tips that are directly suited to their goals and interests. It’s about adding value. Think of a scale, with your brand on one end and the cost of your goods and services on the other. The way to tip the scale in your favor is to provide more value relative to the cost your clients would pay. Sharing content that is interesting and helpful is a great way to tip the scale in your favor.

3. Respond quickly when a follower posts to your page or sends you a message.

When you share something that resonates with your followers, they will begin interacting with you. This is just the beginning of the relationship. You will see them liking, sharing and re-tweeting your posts. But the real opportunity begins when commenting starts to happen. This allows you to comment back, which starts a dialogue. It is through this dialogue that another layer of trust is added.

This is just one piece of the puzzle that you can implement immediately as a way of sharing your expertise. It will take time and practice. And, while relationships take years to build, social media gives you the opportunity to start relationships with just about anyone.

This article originally appeared on www.fitnessprofessionalonline.com.

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