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Meet new ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Harry King! Harry was featured in a local news story (see the video below) and for good reason. At 80-years-old, he decided to embark on a new career and pursued his ACE certification before accepting a job as a personal trainer at Planet Fitness in South Carolina.

Harry, who had a business coaching firm for 22 years, decided to pivot into the fitness industry in 2022, starting out at the reception desk, and hasn't looked back since. Keep reading to learn more about him.

ACE: What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

King: I determined many years ago that my life purpose was to help people improve their life, to help them to identify their goals and to help them reach those goals. I was in a position to do that in my two previous careers as a Sr. VP of sales and marketing for an insurance company and as a business coach helping my clients build their busines while maintaining control of their life.

While working as a staff member at a Planet Fitness gym, I could welcome people to their fitness journey, but I couldn’t have an impact on the journey. When a fitness trainer position became open, I decided that would put me in a position to continue to fulfill my life purpose.

ACE: Why did you decide to make the career switch now?

King: I try not to let age be a determining factor in what I do. If there is something I want to try, and if I think I can do it, I will go for it, disregarding my age.

ACE: Why did you choose ACE?

King: The trainer at the gym I began working at was ACE certified. He told me it was one of the toughest courses, and knowing I had a lot to learn, I chose ACE because I thought that course gave me a better chance to learn to become an outstanding trainer.

ACE: What do you love most about your job?

King: I really enjoy it when a person new to working out in a gym comes to me for help and I can be a part of them starting and continuing their fitness journey.

ACE: What advice do you have for someone whose’s nervous to make a career change?

King: Do your homework. Make sure you know what it will take to be successful. Make sure it’s the type of work you will enjoy doing.Try to make sure you will be compatible with the team you will be working with.

ACE: What do you wish more people understood about personal trainers?

King: I think many people think that because they have been working out for some time, that a personal trainer has nothing to offer them.

ACE: What is one professional goal you have in the coming year?

King: The goal I have for the coming year is to be a better trainer than I am today. I will achieve that by self study, doing lot’s of research and taking at least one more ACE course.


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