Respiratory Complications of COVID and How They Impact Exercise

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Respiratory Complications of COVID and How They Impact Exercise

Though the long-term effects of COVID-19 are still being researched and much is unknown, we are aware of the respiratory complications and effects of Long COVID.  It is likely personal trainers will train someone who has contracted COVID-19.  Returning to exercise is recommended but there are a few considerations trainers should be aware of when working with these clients.  

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#Moderation365 Nutritional Guidelines

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Could Moderation be the Key to Lasting Nutritional Change?

#Moderation365, an ACE Approved certification created by fitness and nutrition expert and JillFit founder Jill Coleman, MS, promotes eating to satisfaction with small indulgences. Importantly, the curriculum also teaches how to listen to biofeedback and re-learn hunger cues. #Moderation365 is based on the MMAD (Moderation, Mindfulness, Abundance Mindset, and Daily Nutritional Commitments) Nutrition Model, which is proven to deliver impactful results.

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