Doug Balzarini by Doug Balzarini

If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that is effective, efficient, versatile and simple, look no further than the slider. This simple tool is portable, is great if you don’t have access to a gym, and can be used in a variety of ways to challenge the entire body.

There are many brands out there when it comes to sliders—HavykSliders, Valslides, purple gliders, furniture sliders from your local Bed, Bath & Beyond, paper plates…the list goes on. Depending on your goals and the surface you are working with, I may recommend one option over another.

Here are some of my top slider movements:

Upper body: Push-up Variations. With the sliders under your hands, move one or both hands in a variety of directions while performing a push-up.

Lower body: Lunge Variations. Using one slider under the moving foot, perform  reverse and lateral lunge variations.

Torso: Ab Exercises. With each foot on a slider, perform knee tucks, pikes and seal walks.

Sample Exercises

Here's a simple three-movement routine that targets the lower body, upper body,and torso.

Lateral Lunge

Lateral Lunge

Pushup Variation

Pushup with sliders

Seal Walk

Seal walk