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ACE’s mission is to get people moving. Part of that effort is to make a global impact and position ACE Certified Professionals for success no matter where they are in the world. Together with more than 90,000 ACE Certified Exercise Professionals and Health Coaches, we are working to reverse the global physical-inactivity pandemic through safe and effective movement. To extend our reach, ACE works with like-minded organizations around the world to deliver education using ACE textbooks and study materials. 


Here, Anthony Wall, ACE Senior Director of Global Business Development, answers some frequently asked questions about ACE’s efforts around the world.

  1. Is there an ACE education program offered in [insert country]? 

ACE works with International Education Partners across the globe. Check out ACE’s International Partners page to browse our partners by country. Those partners use the ACE textbook and teaching curriculum to offer ACE education programs. Our partners offer a variety of live-, virtual, face-to-face and online hybrid educational opportunities to provide a robust learning experience. For countries where we do not have an education partner, we offer self-study programs through the ACE website. 


  1. How do I know if a program is accredited by ACE? 

ACE does not accredit any program, as we are not an accrediting agency. Instead, ACE offers “approval” of courses and providers that meet our standards of education excellence. We approve several thousand continuing education programs, including all of the offerings from our international education partners and providers listed on our website. 


  1. Does ACE offer this course/certification in [insert language]? 

We offer the ACE Personal Trainer Certification exam in Arabic, Thai, Simplified Chinese and Finnish. The ACE Group Fitness Instructor and ACE Health Coach Certification exams are offered in Simplified Chinese. Some foreign language exams require registration through are offered only through our partners. For those exams, you would need to contact the ACE International Education Partner for more information. Learn more at the ACE Certification Exam registration page. 


  1. Will my ACE certification be accepted in [insert country]? 

ACE’s certifications are recognized globally. ACE has earned ISO 17024 accreditation from the International Accreditation Service (in addition to our long-held recognition from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies), which means that ACE Certified Professionals can be confident that their certification is valued and respected, no matter where they are in the world.  

It’s important to note that every country has different requirements for what qualifications they recognize. If you have a question about whether the ACE Certification is recognized in your country, the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals has information about the required qualifications in various countries. If your country is not listed there, inquire with local gyms or potential employers to find out where ACE Certifications are accepted.  


  1. What CPR/AED is approved for international students? 

Only aA current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate is required for all ACE Certification exam candidates outside the U.S. and Canada; the an automated external defibrillator (AED) certificate is optionalonly required for candidates in the U.S. and Canada. CPR courses typically expire in two to three years. The CPR course will need a hands-on (in-person or virtual) skills check. Options will vary by location, so it is best to find a local course offered by the Red Cross, American Heart Association or similar provider. 


  1. Are the programs on the site priced in U.S. currency? 

Yes, all the programs sold through the ACE website are listed in U.S. dollars. 


  1. In which countries are ACE Certification exams offered? 

We offer testing in more than 110 countries. In addition, for those who meet the eligibility requirements, we offer live remote proctored testing (in English only). We provide more information about where we test and the live remote proctored testing option on our ACE Certification Exam webpage. 


  1. What is the value of ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation to international health and fitness professionals? 

You can read about this important accreditation here: Your ACE Certification is Now More Recognized Worldwide. 


  1. Can I use a dictionary or translator on the exam? 

No aids of any kind can be used during the exam, including a dictionary or translator. However, if English is not your first language, you could be eligible for extra testing time. Please contact for more information about receiving extra testing time on your exam. Please do not register without first speaking to an ACE exam registration coordinator, as accommodations cannot be added to an existing exam registration. 

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