American Council on Exercise by American Council on Exercise

In a world where physical activity is often associated with youth and athleticism, Ronald McEntire's story breaks free from stereotypes and exemplifies the core mission of the American Council on Exercise (ACE)to inspire people to get moving and lead healthier lives.  

As a single father who primarily gravitated toward the arts, Ronald never considered himself a fitness enthusiast until he reached middle age. This later-in-life discovery ignited a passion within him that would ultimately define his existence moving forward. Through determination and commitment, Ronald became an ACE Certified Professional and embarked on a journey to share his newfound love of physical activity with others, especially older adults. Little did he know that this very passion would become his steadfast companion when faced with his terminal brain cancer diagnosis.  

In this moving letter, written by Ronald himself, he shares his remarkable exploration of self-discovery, resilience, and how living the ACE mission of getting people moving became his guiding light throughout an arduous battle against cancer. Ronald's story serves as a reminder that it's never too late to embrace a new passion and find solace in physical activity, even in the face of life's greatest challenges.