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ACE has recently partnered with Remote Coach to help ACE Pros launch their own app and grow their global digital business with live and on-demand virtual coaching. Ben Camara, founder and CEO of Remote Coach, was also Men's Health Personal Trainer of the Year and has worked with celebrities like Madonna and Kate Moss.

ACE: What inspired you to create Remote Coach?

Ben: Remote Coach was born out of a frustration with the current world of online coaching. We were trying to keep clients healthy. It was still the world of creating programs, with demonstrations and perhaps a check-in phone call - ultimately it was just a designed PDF. I knew accountability, motivation and education were needed and asking clients to open a PDF and find the three relevant pillars was just neither fair nor realistic.


And so Remote Coach was born in it’s original format- a platform to connect with clients through a live stream also enabling the client to connect their wearable [device], meaning the coach could now be with the client, in the room, when they needed them.


Once COVID-19 hit, coaches from all over the world would contact us about using Remote Coach, but adding their own branding and logo, and so we decided to build the platform offering whitelabel solution so coaches can build their digital business on their terms, under their branding.


ACE: What exactly does Remote Coach help fitness pros do?


Ben:  Remote Coach enables coaches to launch and grow their own branded fitness apps.

The all in one platform enables coaches to:

  • Live stream to their clients, both 1-2-1 and group.
  • Build subscription packages
  • Connect with their community in their community chat section
  • Upload programs and challenges for clients
  • Manage their full digital business

If you’re not quite ready to launch your own app, you can also download Remote Coach and get started using our Remote Coach branded platform.

ACE: What’s one tip you have for fitness pros who want to grow an online business?

Ben: My one tip for fitness pros looking to grow an online business is to be consistent. Once you have finalized the services you will be providing, be consistent with communicating to all your clients and the world that you also have a digital fitness offering, and build the offering into their everyday communication with clients.

If clients are moving away, they should be continuing to still train with you. Your offering can be borderless. Help your clients transition and keep them healthy.

ACE: What are branding and marketing tips you have for fitness professionals?

Ben: If you’re just getting started or are looking to take things to the next level with your branding and marketing here are [some] things you should be thinking about.

Building your brand is not about a funky name or new designed logo. Your brand is whatever your customers and audiences think of your business. Take time to think about your values and how you believe you can authentically connect with your clients, that way you will never find it hard to create content or be genuine.

Start by looking at your current business and who you work with. Is there a specific niche? Also, look at how you want your brand to be perceived as you grow. Are you fun and approachable or the premium professional brand, or are you both?

ACE: Why did you want to partner with ACE?

Ben: Partnering with ACE was the perfect solution as ACE completes the three pillars we believe Remote Coach can provide for fitness professionals. The Accountability and motivation is something we provide through the Remote Coach digital infrastructure and ACE, through it’s world class education, can now provide education to the coaches, so they, too, can educate their clients.

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