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As a health and fitness professional, you have a responsibility to follow a certain code of ethics which includes "providing safe and fair treatment to all clients." At ACE, we are proud to certify professionals who create welcoming environments for everyone, including our LGBTQ+ community

Many LGBTQ+ individuals find refuge in sport, gyms and fitness classes. These outlets, such as working out or joining a sport, can oftentimes provide support, confidence building, encouragement, a safe environment, and a listening ear. In addition, the release of physical energy through a movement practice can assist in the balance of emotions and mental health.

It’s becoming common knowledge that the mental health status among the LBGTQ+ community may be more sensitive , so it’s imperative to consider this connection, especially as a personal trainer, health coach, group fitness instructor or teammate if the individual has expressed a need for support and to then practice using emotional intellgience to best serve them.

 My personal Experience:

Throughout my time as an athlete, I often considered how hard it could be to be "out " without the support of my teammates, family, friends and, eventually, my colleagues. Growing up playing a plethora of sports gave me the confidence and adaptability to be true to who I was. Transitioning from college sports into my professional life, I worked at ACE corporate headquarters for a handful of years, where I often felt I didn’t need to explain who I dated for others to welcome me with open arms. Since college, I played in a women’s premier rugby league, where my teammates became my closest friends and sometimes even partners.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer, sports performance coach, and group fitness instructor and I truly believe that my athletic experiences as an LGBTQ+ teammate aided in my ability to coach and mentor with an open-minded perspective. 

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