Dr. Emily Splichal by Dr. Emily Splichal

Home gyms and virtual classes have become far more common since the onset of the pandemic. As a result, health and exercise professionals have had to rethink how they train clients, and that includes reconsidering both the equipment and the space clients typically have available at home.

Clients look to you for recommendations on what products they should invest in when creating a home gym. Here are five versatile products for getting an awesome workout that cover all aspects of a training session, from warm-up to recovery.

Best Training Surface: Naboso Training Mat ($110, www.naboso.com)

Many people prefer exercising in bare feet, but this is typically not possible in most gym settings. The Naboso Training Mat is designed to activate the nerves in the feet, helping to create a strong foundation. This yoga mat-size mat is covered in tiny pyramids and is intended for standing exercises such as squats and lunges.

Best Mobility Tool: Stick Mobility (From $49, www.stickmobility.com)

These bright orange sticks help to creatively and effectively increase flexibility and strength while building body awareness through fascial tension. Built around the concept of fascia and fascial lines, the Stick Mobility makes it possible to train the body in all planes of motion. The Stick Mobility program comes with a huge library of exercises (available on their website) that can be used to help your clients hit their mobility goals.

Best Conditioning Tool: Steel Mace (From $39, www.onnit.com)

The Onnit Steel Mace is a challenging way to spice up any home gym routine. Dating back to thirteenth-century Persia, the steel mace is one of the most effective ways to build core strength and rotational power. Available in a variety of weights, the Onnit Steel Mace should initially be introduced at a lighter weight; once the exercises are mastered, the weight may be increased.  

Best Strength Equipment: Rogue Feed Sack ($75, www.roguefitness.com)

Due to its constantly shifting center of mass, sandbag training is a great way to build resistance and stamina. This builds strength, stability and endurance, and addresses the real-life demands of controlling awkward objects.

Best Recovery Tool: Theragun (From $199, www.theragun.com)

Devices such as the Theragun are leading the way in the recovery market and offering new ways to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce soreness. These percussive devices work by increasing blood flow to treated areas, increasing skin temperature, reducing muscle inflammation, and breaking up muscle knots.