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Getting your kids into the kitchen can be a great way to spend time together as a family. Involving them in the cooking process is also a wonderful opportunity to show them that a healthy lifestyle can be simple, tasty and fun! Here are three simple tips to make cooking with your child enjoyable:

Choose A New Fruit Or Vegetable

When you’re at the grocery store with your children, ask them to pick out a fruit or vegetable they would like to try. In the produce section, see how many fruits and vegetables they can identify and have them guess what their new vegetable or fruit may taste like. By including them in the process, children are more likely to be excited about trying something new, rather than fighting you about it. Look up recipes together and see how many different ways you can find to prepare your new item.

Give Your Kids A Simple Task In The Kitchen

Getting your kids to taste new foods is often a challenge, but it can be a lot easier if they get involved in the kitchen. Whether it’s peeling carrots or snapping green beans, give your child an age-appropriate task to help prepare the meal. When children play a role in creating what they eat, they’ll have more interest in the foods that they may have initially shunned. And who knows—you may inspire your child to embrace their inner chef!

Get Creative

Teaching your kids about eating healthy can be educational and fun. As long as you’re creative, you can get your kids excited about cooking. Try these tips:

•    Plant an herb or vegetable garden and use the results to prepare delicious meals for the family.

•    Select a country on the map and learn about its culture and food. Find a recipe native to that country and try it out as a family.

•    Pick your own fruit! Check out local farms and orchards for seasonal fruit picking that’s open to the public. This is a great way to learn about where produce comes from and how it grows.



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