Shana Verstegen by Shana Verstegen

EMOM workouts, otherwise known as “Every Minute on the Minute,” are a fun and creative way to manipulate your work-rest ratio during workouts. A predetermined number of reps are assigned for each set, and they must be completed in a minute. If completed faster, a longer rest break may be taken. If the exerciser moves slowly, however, he or she will have a limited rest break before the next set.

If the goal of the EMOM workout is endurance and a metabolic challenge (as demonstrated in the workout below), select a number of reps and resistance for each exercise that should take just under one minute, allowing for very short rest breaks. If strength is the goal, select only a few heavy reps for each set, and the rest break will be built right in. You could also set a higher time limit and choose a series of exercises to fit into that time and repeated for several rounds. Here’s a sample workout: 5 box jumps, 10 dumbbell rows, 10 push-ups, and 20 skater leaps in three minutes for 10 rounds.

As you can see, one of the great benefits of EMOM workouts is that they are easily modifiable for any level of fitness and can be completed in a short amount of time. This is particularly helpful when you only have a moment to squeeze in a quick yet effective workout. Your options are limitless with this type of workout and fun and hard work are guaranteed.

EMOM Express Workout

After a five- to 10-minute warm-up, perform the recommended number of reps (shown in parentheses, below) of each exercise within one minute. Begin the next exercise at the top of the next minute. Round 1 can be completed in seven minutes. Take a three- to five-minute rest break, and begin again one more time. 

And remember, although you are working with your eyes on the clock, proper form is still the most important aspect of this or any workout.

Equipment: 2 dumbbells, 1 kettlebell and a jump rope

Minute 1: Curtsy Lunges (24 alternating sides)

Minute 2: Push-ups (12)

Minute 3: Kettlebell Towel Row (15)

Minute 4: Burpees (10)

Minute 5: Dumbbell Squat Push-press (15)

Minute 6: Plank With Shoulder Taps (20 alternating sides)

Minute 7: Jump Rope (75 Revolutions)

Rest five minutes and repeat one more time.