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From learning how to create the healthiest version of yourself to developing a support system, the benefits of working with a personal trainer are numerous. Here, some of the industry’s top health and fitness professionals share their thoughts on the greatest benefits that can come from working with a qualified personal trainer. 

The greatest benefit of working with a trainer is discovering how to create the healthiest version of yourself and finding the motivation to continue even when the trainer is not around!
-Jonathan Ross, ACE Personal Trainer 

Receiving personalized, practical, science-based health and fitness information you can use to live your happiest, healthiest life is one of the greatest benefits of working with a personal trainer. A knowledgeable, credentialed trainer provides more than just a workout—he or she offers a quality educational experience, helping you to separate fitness fact from fiction and empowering you to make meaningful changes and positive choices as it relates to your overall wellness.
-Jessica Matthews, ACE Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach 

One of the greatest benefits to hiring a personal trainer is that he or she is the best support system one can have when undergoing health behavior changes. In addition, clients receive guidance and knowledge from a qualified, certified professional.
-Elizabeth Kovar, ACE Personal Trainer 

Exercise is physical stress applied to the body. When done correctly, it can create significant changes. When done incorrectly, it can cause serious injury or even death. Working with a personal trainer will enable you to identify the best exercise program for your needs and, more importantly, learn how to make regular exercise a part of your daily routine. 
-Pete McCall, ACE Personal Trainer 

Accountability and education! When you have an appointment and you are paying money, you are much more likely to follow through. A good trainer also will help you stay safe and help you perfect your form. And good form equals good results.
-Chris Freytag, ACE Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach

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