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Summer’s right around the corner, which means vacations, pool parties, barbecues and weddings. But even though your social calendar is full, it’s important to stay on track with your workouts so you can look and feel your best at all of these events. To help you stay motivated, we’ve asked some of our top fitness pros to share their favorite songs to rock out to while they’re working out. Believe it or not, the right music has the power to not only make your workouts more enjoyable, but also improve your performance, so turn up the volume and get moving!

How can you not be happy when you here that song?! The lyrics are happy and the beat is happy!
–Chris Freytag, ACE PT, GFI, Health Coach

 It's great dance music—a rockin’ beat and easy lyrics.
-Chris Freytag, ACE PT, GFI, Health Coach

Britney never fails to bring it when it comes to upbeat, motivating tunes. Her latest single reminds us that we make our own luck through hard work. And I don’t know about you, but I want to look hot in a bikini this summer! "You wanna Lamborghini - Sip martinis - Look hot in a bikini - You better work work!”
-Shana Verstegen, ACE PT

A hilarious yet upbeat and motivating song that most definitely captures the feel of summer 2014. I am slightly embarrassed to say that #SELFIE is now at the top of my playlist.
-Shana Verstegen, ACE PT

This is one of my favorite songs on my personal summer workout playlist.
–Jessica Matthews, ACE PT, GFI, Health Coach

My theme for my playlist, which I use mostly for my outdoor runs, is high-energy, throwback dance party jams from the ‘80s and ‘90s that just perfectly convey the fun, carefree vibe of summer.
-Jessica Matthews, ACE PT, GFI, Health Coach

I like it because it's fun, bold and flirty, all adjectives that remind me of how I think most of us want to feel as we navigate through our summer workouts!
–Sabrena Merrill, ACE PT, GFI, Health Coach

Can’t stop playing this one and it always kicks whatever I’m doing into a higher gear. Bonus is that I rarely listen to top 20 stuff so this one’s a bit unique.
–Jonathan Ross, ACE PT

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