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ACE supports veterans

Veterans Day is a day to take pause and salute our veterans.  Recognizing the sacrifice that service members have made for our country, ACE is proud to support our veterans, active duty members and their families, military spouses, and dependents through military financial support. Another way many fitness enthusiasts around the world express their gratitude is through a tough-as-nails workout.

Workouts to Honor Veterans

CrossFit, while still a controversial workout modality, has become well-known for their Hero WODs, which are "workouts meant to honor the memories of CrossFit service members who made the ultimate sacrifice" (

In the CrossFit Journal article, "Fallen but Never Forgotten" by Russel Berger, he writes, "To the average CrossFitter, Hero workouts are symbolic gestures of respect for our fallen. CrossFitters from all over the world, regardless of country or allegiance, throw themselves wholeheartedly at these intentionally gut-wrenching workouts that serve as a tribute to our lost protectors."

If you want to workout to honor fallen soldiers this Veterans Day, consider The Chad 1000x Veterans Day WOD, which is dedicated to veteran suicide prevention. (Read more about the workout and Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson here:

The workout is simple, although not easy:

Complete 1000X Step Ups as a team, partner, or individual for time.

1. Slick //
 No rucksack. You pick the height of the step-ups.
2. Standard // 30#/20# rucksack. You pick the height of the step-ups.
3. Expert // 45# rucksack. Use 20" box for step-ups.

We, of course, recommend you make any modifications necessary to stay safe during a CrossFit workout or, you can even create your own WOD


ACE Military Financial Assistance 

It's also worth noting that ACE is a military-friendly school and, as such, our certifications can qualify for reimbursement under the G.I. Bill. This mean that veterans, active military and eligible spouses and dependents can easily begin their fitness profession. And, if you're you a military spouse looking for a portable career in the fitness industry, MyCAA will cover the fitness certification study materials, exam fees and fitness continuing education course fees.

ACE thanks you and is honored to serve you. Click here to learn more about how ACE supports our military.