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If your fitness enthusiast, or just want the facts on good nutrition so you can make heathy choices, you can read all about the latest in nutrition news here. ACE Fit offers nutritional research, recipes, diet tips, and many other ways to help you eat healthy. And you can can read about it all in one place!

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5 Simple Ways to Take Temptation Out of the Kitchen

posted: Monday, February 16, 2015   by: Gina Crome

Eating healthier can be tough, but that task becomes extremely difficult when temptations from within the kitchen seem to beckon you. Squash those diet-breakers with these five strategies to help you stay focused on your goals ahead.

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How to Fall in Love With Whole Foods

posted: Monday, February 2, 2015   by: U Rock Girl!

Given that processed foods are so widely available and easy to grab while on the go, many of us have lost the desire and taste buds for whole, unprocessed foods. It’s time to go back to the basics and rediscover a love for whole foods. It may not happen overnight, but with these tips you may just have a new love affair for healthy and tasty “real” food.

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5 Foods You Should Add to Your Diet in 2015

posted: Friday, January 16, 2015   by: U Rock Girl!

If you eat the same things day after day, you're probably in a food rut, and more likely to jump off the clean-eating ship and onto the junk food highway. Here are five foods you should consider adding to your diet this year—they’ll give you energy, boost your immunity and keep you coming back for more.

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4 Green Smoothie Recipes to Kick-start Your Day

posted: Monday, January 5, 2015   by: U Rock Girl!

Green smoothies are a great way to add leafy vegetables to your diet, but it can be a challenge to know how to make them appealing to your taste buds. Here are some great green smoothie recipes that maximize the nutritional value of greens, fruit and superfoods—and taste amazingly good, too.

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5 Healthy Winter Vegetables

posted: Monday, December 22, 2014   by: U Rock Girl!

All vegetables contain valuable nutrients, but the very best ones to eat are those that are in season. Learn why these five vegetable superstars—beets, Brussels sprouts, kale, winter squash and cauliflower—are easier on your wallet, better for the planet and offer the biggest nutritional payoff during the winter months.

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A Mindful Approach to Holiday Eating

posted: Friday, December 12, 2014   by: Elizabeth Kovar

Before jumping ship into bountiful buffets of holiday delights and cyclical weight gain/loss efforts, try a different method to eating this holiday season. Practicing mindful eating can help you overcome negative food-related behaviors and quell your hunger.

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5 Easy Ways to Detox after a Thanksgiving Day Binge

posted: Friday, November 28, 2014   by: The Nutrition Twins

Did you overdo it a bit on Thanksgiving, despite your best intentions to stick to your health plan? If so, you may be feeling bloated, heavy, puffy and a little nauseated. The Nutrition Twins explain how you can quickly recover, detox and starting feeling better than ever.

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5 Nutrition and Diet Apps to Get You Through the Holidays

posted: Monday, November 24, 2014   by: Ted Vickey

Check out these five health and diet apps and to help you get through the holiday season. Curated by ACE tech expert Ted Vickey, these apps are especially helpful for those who find it difficult to stick to their fitness and nutrition goals during the holidays (and who doesn’t?).

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5 Foods You Should Never Let Into Your Kitchen

posted: Thursday, October 30, 2014   by: Evolution Nutrition

You hit the gym five days a week, get your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, and even make moderation your mantra, but if these five foods are still lurking in your kitchen, you may be sabotaging your healthy lifestyle and all the hard work you’ve been putting in.

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8 Tips for Eating Healthy When Dining Out

posted: Wednesday, October 22, 2014   by: Kelley Vargo

No matter what your health and fitness goals may be—shedding a few extra pounds, training for a competition or just eating healthier—it is possible to dine out and still stay on track. Just follow these eight guidelines and you can “have your cake and eat it too.”

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