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Marathon and Triathlon Training

Marathon and Triathlon TrainingFit Facts™ from the American Council on Exercise® (ACE®) are concise, one-page health and fitness information sheets – more than 100 fitness facts in all – each covering a different health or fitness topic. Fit Facts contain valuable how-to information and tips – from advice on the best type of exercise for weight loss to pointers on choosing a personal trainer.

3 Fit Facts Found in Marathon and Triathlon Training

How to Train for a Marathon

The marathon is a 26.2 mile adventure and is seen as the ultimate test of character, discipline, and fitness by many. If you have your sights set on finishing a marathon, take a moment to learn about the basics of training for this exciting endurance event.

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How to Train for a Half-marathon

Your specific approach to half-marathon training will depend on multiple variables: the time available to train, running background (novice vs. experienced runner), current fitness level and mileage, willingness to commit to a training plan and ability to learn to listen to your body.That said, if you’re patient and willing to put in the time to develop the endurance to run 13.

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After the Marathon

Whether it is your first or your fiftieth marathon, the feeling is identical when you cross the finish line: exhilaration, which, at some point, gives way to the tired, achy feeling that inevitably comes from logging more than 26 miles in a single stretch. Too frequently, runners ignore what their bodies are telling them and continue with their regular training.

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