Jonathan Ross by Jonathan Ross

Feeling super? You will when you try out this superhero-inspired workout, which uses movements inspired by the current slate of popular superheroes and creates an expansive, playful and positive headspace to be in while you do it.

Think about a time when you were doing something physically challenging, mentally engaging, and emotionally uplifting enough that considerable time passed, and you were barely aware of it. If we can create that feeling with fitness, we have a formula for a challenging yet enjoyable workout that will fly by and become something to be looked forward to rather than dreaded.  

This workout will get you in the mood and energized for Halloween 2020!

The Workout

This superhero-inspired circuit workout uses a suspension trainer, features eight exercises performed as a circuit and takes about 25 minutes to complete. Repeat the circuit three times using work sets of 30 seconds and rest/transition of 20 seconds. Add a couple of minutes if you prefer to take a one-minute break at the end of each circuit.


Black Panther Pull

Start with mid-length straps, facing in toward anchor. Alternate the front and back arm on each repetition. The end position should feature the forearms crisscrossed across the chest. Keep the chest lifted throughout rather than rounded forward.

Captain America Shield Squat  

Perform one set on each side.

Ensure both foot cradles are near the middle of the forearm to mimic how Captain American holds his shield. Angle the body away from the anchor point as if you are in a side-plank position in the foot cradles. Keep tension on the strap all the way through the movement. The movement in the lower body is a squat to a single-leg lift so be sure to fully extend the standing leg while the inside leg lifts off the floor.

Aquaman Diving Press

Start with full-length straps, facing away from anchor.

The “dive” position is a hip hinge. Coming out of the push-up, hip hinge backward until the heels barely touch, then reverse direction and dive into the next push-up.

Iron Man Squat

Start with mid-length straps facing in toward anchor

Iron Man flies using rockets in his heels and the palms of his hands. To simulate this, note the hand position in the video—the palms are pointed at the floor so keep the hands open, turned outward and the wrists extended throughout the exercise. Leaving the floor is up to you; everyone should move at a jumping speed, but if your lower body does not tolerate jumping simply use a rapid squat motion.

Hawkeye Row

Start with short straps, facing in toward anchor; perform one set on each side.

This exercise simulates the drawing back of the arrow in the bow by using eye-hand coordination to grasp the adjustment tab on the strap and slide it up at the top of the row. Slide it back down as you return to the starting position.

Superman Squat

Start with full-length straps, facing away from anchor.

For this exercise, all the limbs bend together and then straighten together. The bottom position is like the bottom of a squat and a chest press. As you rise, the arms and legs get long and you reach overhead to simulate taking off in flight.

Wonder Woman Plank

Start with full-length straps, facing away from anchor.

The closer the foot cradles are to your wrists, the more challenge you will feel in your arm muscles. Keep the straps from touching the top of the shoulders as you reach the arms up and down. This movement simulates blocking bullets with Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets.

Thor Hammer Curl

Start with short straps, facing in toward anchor.

Keep the elbows up and the wrists neutral. Thor’s hammer has a strap at the bottom of the handle so the gripping strategy on this exercise mimics how he holds it.

Use this playlist to follow all of the exercises in order