Andrea Wardinsky by Andrea Wardinsky

Ever wonder what it would be like to lead your own class, but aren’t sure you’ve got what it takes to be an effective instructor? I pondered that very question nearly 20 years ago, and I’m so glad I challenged myself to become an instructor, because seeing others reach their fitness goals has filled my soul.

Here are eight signs you’re ready to step up from the front row and step into the role of a certified group fitness instructor.

Group fitness is your go-to workout.

Given the choice, you would absolutely pick a group workout over hitting the elliptical machine, even if you’re streaming your favorite show! You’re energized by the camaraderie and friendly competition that come with a group. You’re genuinely happy being around other people.

You routinely invite people to work out with you

Great instructors lead by example. It takes courage to lead a group fitness class and great leaders know how to bring out the best in others.

You enjoy learning.

To be a great teacher, you need to be a great student, too. The fitness industry is constantly evolving with new research about ways to make physical activity enjoyable. There are endless growth opportunities, from learning to teach different formats to re-thinking class design and music.

Motivating and inspiring others comes naturally to you.

You’re a glass half full kind of person. Your Instagram is full of fitness photos and you browse Pinterest for exercise tips and healthy recipes to share with friends and family. You find yourself high-fiving people even for the smallest victories.

You enjoy a good challenge.

You have the ability to laugh at yourself and to adapt to your environment. Teaching keeps you on your toes and requires you to wear many hats, from public speaker and motivator to stand-up comedian. You’ll have 30+ people counting on you for a fun and balanced workout.

Your day could use some variety.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, work in an office or have a knack for teaching, leading classes adds some excitement to your day. Early bird, night owl, or weekend warrior? Take a look at any health club schedule and you’ll see classes scattered throughout the entire day, 7 days a week.

You want to increase your visibility as a fitness pro.

Becoming a group fitness instructor requires no prior professional fitness experience, but many personal trainers are able to build a clientele from teaching group fitness classes. If you’re already a personal trainer, teaching group fitness will make you a better trainer. It works the other way around, too!

You want to make a difference in the world.

In just one hour as a group fitness instructor, you have this amazing ability to impact lives for the better. Telling people that they “need” or “should” get physical activity every day isn’t enough. The only way that physical activity can truly start to become a habit is for it to be enjoyable. You can empower others to want to live healthier and to feel good from the inside and out.

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