Mike Z. Robinson by Mike Z. Robinson

Metaphors and quotes are often a great way to motivate people because they can offer massive inspiration that resonates with a wide range of the population and as you probably know, once you get your mind right, everything else tends to fall into place. 

For example, take a long look at the following picture: 

What do you see? 

This is a powerful picture that displays a strong message of pushing beyond what you perceive as your limits. Some of the greatest influencers in the world have made references to this photo above because of its message and how it inspires you to do great things by pushing a little harder and farther than you thought you could. Too often people want to play it safe and not make necessary changes in their lives because they think it’s too difficult.  But if you can get past that, then you can create a whole new world for yourself. 

In the world of fitness, you may have noticed three main types of people: 

1. The Wishers

They do the bare minimum in their workouts by exercising a few days per week (or not at all), give mild effort during the workouts, complain about life and have an excuse for everything. 

2. The Wonderers

They consistently work out multiple days per week where some days are better than others. However when it comes to life outside of the gym, they eat horribly and drink lots of alcohol. They wonder why they don’t get results. 

3. The Winners

They are extremely busy but still find time for daily exercise and make every workout count. They eat clean, drink in moderation (or not at all), get sufficient amounts of sleep, make no excuses and experience the best results--not just in the gym but in life. They get that "good enough" is not enough and if they want maximum results, then maximum effort needs to follow and they apply that mindset to their health and fitness and every other aspect in their lives. 

Condition yourself to make a habit out of giving your all every day and not just what you perceive as your all. If you want to see your health and fitness and the rest of your life improve, then give your absolute all and then a little  more.  At that point, it is guaranteed the things around you will begin to change. Your thought process will change and you will begin to demand excellence from yourself. 

You only live one life. Make it count. 

No more excuses and no more regrets. Don’t start tomorrow. Start today and make the rest of your life, the best of your life.