Allison Hagendorf by Allison Hagendorf

It’s official. The solstice graced us with its presence and summer is here. The sun has reached its highest point in the sky and days are longer from here on out. 

Many of us think about this time all year, and while we may not have that six-pack beach bod we swore on January 1 we’d be rocking by now, we are elated just the same.  

So maybe our resolutions from six months ago didn’t stick. Our intentions were good, but perhaps our goals were just too daunting, too general, or just too overwhelming for our overstimulated lives. 

We made some promises that didn’t quite pan out, but it’s all good. It’s called life and things often don’t always go according to plan. However, today is an opportunity to reset and refocus and perhaps try this again. But let’s have a better strategy this time. 

Start here:

1. Gratitude

Be grateful for all you have accomplished in 2015 thus far. Keep in mind that just six months from now we will be embracing the Winter Solstice, so let’s truly treasure each and every sunny day. Start right now: Name three things for which you are grateful (don’t forget the warm sunshine).   

2. Noticing

What is it about your current situation you’d like to change, and can actually empower yourself to change? We’re not talking record-breaking feats—just something, anything, you’d like to improve. For example, “I'm going to work on being more mindful when eating, and try to stop when I'm full as opposed to when I’m done.”    

3. The “Why”

Intrinsic motivation is your internal s you’d like to.” Vanity is usually not enough, which is a good thing. Dig deeper. Find your why and you’ll find your mantra. For example, “I want to cut back on processed carbohydrates because my digestive system has been a wreck and I want more energy to spend quality time with my family.”    

4. The Goal

You need something specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Start to say it out loud or write it down. Or better yet, do both. For example, “I'm going to run a 5K every Monday at 5pm starting today.” 

5. The Strategy.

What’s your game plan? Sometimes it’s helpful to piggyback new habits on already occurring behaviors. Use your everyday routine as an anchor for positive change. For example, “Every morning after I brush my teeth, I'm going to do a set of 10 pushups, 10 squats and 10 lunges.”    

6. Support.

What are you doing to set yourself up for success? With whom are you spending your time? What inspiring Instagram accounts do you follow? Do your choices and the environments you put yourself in support your goal? For example, meet a friend for a hike instead of drinks, and post your accomplishments to Facebook.   

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