Allison Hagendorf by Allison Hagendorf

Just a few weeks ago on New Year’s Day, we resolved to actually keep our resolutions…for real this time. We all do this. We start strong out the gate, but then willpower withers as we approach Valentine’s Day, a day that often doubles as D-Day for our discipline. 

Why is this? 

Is it because those ubiquitous and delicious chocolates are just too tempting? Maybe. 

But more likely it’s because we try to reach our goals alone, when really we should be recruiting our significant others to join us on our journey towards health and wellness! 

Emotional support is vital for reaching your goals. 

One of the keys to long-term behavior change is making your goals as attainable as possible, so having the support of your significant other is an important factor in successfully reaching those goals. It’s no surprise that couples who commit to changing together are oftentimes more successful than those who don’t work towards goals together.

Here are five reasons you and your partner should go for your goals together: 

1. Partnership - By working together as a team to reach a common goal, your relationship is instantly strengthened. Stronger teamwork = stronger foundation.

2. Support - Committing to change of any kind includes both struggles and obstacles. Having a partner to help you face and overcome each challenge is a huge advantage.

3. Soundboard - As you embark on this journey together, you will continue to learn together. Sharing ideas and tips for what works and what doesn’t will help you stimulate each other’s minds.

4. Accountability - Having someone in your corner will hold you responsible for staying on track. They’ll also have your back, which is simply the best feeling there is.

5. Celebration - You know what’s better than celebrating your accomplishments? Both of you celebrating both of your accomplishments—together! 

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