Gina Crome by Gina Crome

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply interested in living a healthier lifestyle, developing new habits is critical to your success. But as the saying goes, old habits die hard and incorporating new ones takes time for the behavior to become second nature. Although it can be challenging, slowly incorporating healthier habits will help you feel good, look great and eventually reach your goals.

Think you could identify a few concepts to help you live your personal best? Test your knowledge and find out.

1. You should limit your intake of which of the following foods?

Beans, nuts, seeds
Whole-grain breads and cereals
Fat-free or low-fat dairy
Refined grains

2. A good visual tool for approximating a 1-cup serving when measuring cups are not available would be a _____________.

Ping pong ball
Light bulb
Small fist

3. How many minutes of moderately intense physical activity should you strive to get each week?

50-100 minutes
100-200 minutes
150-300 minutes
300-500 minutes

4. To burn an extra 300 calories, the average person would have to walk at a brisk pace for _____ minutes.


5. Which of the following is considered a saturated fat?

 Olive oil

6. The best way to build muscle is to make sure that you include strength or resistance training each day of the week.