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Feeling pressed for time? Instead of ditching your workout, try cutting down the length of your next sweat session by kicking up the intensity. This 10-minute workout involves completing as many rounds as possible of the three combo moves listed below. This short yet challenging workout, which is based off of the five primary movement patterns—bend and lift, single-leg movements, pushing, pulling and rotation—can be done almost anywhere, anytime using just one weight of your choice. So choose a kettlebell, a dumbbell or a sandbag, set your timer for 10-minutes, clear some space and get ready to burn some serious calories.

Push-ups With a Twist (10 reps total)

Push-ups with twist

Begin in a high plank position and place the hands wide to the edges of the mat or slightly wider. Slide your right leg under your body, threading it underneath the left arm to extend out beyond the left side of the mat. In this position bend the elbows, keeping them close to the sides of your body or allowing them to flare out slightly as you lower your body toward the floor. As you exhale press up to return the right leg back behind you to high plank position for one repetition. Repeat the same sequence to the opposite side for your second rep, completing a total of 10 reps as you alternate sides.

Sumo Squat/Curtsey-lunge Combo (10 reps total) 

Begin standing with your feet slightly farther than shoulder-width apart, with the toes turned out just slightly (to 1 o’clock and 11 o’clock). Keep the core engaged and hinge at your hips as you bend your knees to sit back into a squat, working to lower the hips to the same height as the knees. To up the ante of this move, transition into a curtsey lunge by stepping the left foot back behind the right, bending both knees as you lower down for an added lower-body challenge. Step the left foot back to its starting position to complete one rep. Repeat the combo to opposite side, beginning by squatting at the center before performing a curtsey lunge by stepping the right foot behind the left for your second rep. Complete a total of 10 reps as you alternate sides.

Single-leg Dead Lift With Single-arm Row (10 reps total)

Single-leg Dead Lift

Stand with your feet together while holding the weight of your choice in your left hand. Keep your core engaged and hinge forward at the hips, picking your left foot off of the floor as the leg extends behind you. As you balance on your right leg, continue to bend forward and lower the weight toward the ground, keeping the hips and shoulders squared to the floor. As you prepare to rise back up to your starting position, perform a single-arm row with the left arm, drawing the elbow straight back as you bring the weight in line with your chest and then return to your starting position. Complete five reps on one side before switching to the other to complete a total of 10 reps.

After you complete this 10-minute workout take note of how many rounds you completed and see if you can beat that number the next time around!

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