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Whether you are a superstar athlete, one of the 70 percent of Americans who are seemingly constant weight-loss strugglers, working in a job for a boss who is de-motivating, or someone who finds it easier to avoid the gym than get a healthy amount of exercise, we all need motivation.

While we can find music motivating, loved ones and friends inspiring, fitness trainers and health coaches encouraging, it’s hard these days not to see a motivational quote or two hanging on the walls of offices, schools, gyms, even on refrigerators…just about everywhere. Why? Because they work!

How? These words of wisdom, some ancient and some contemporary, serve as personal prompts of pure aspiration, targets of timeless desire and powerful enthusiastic provocation. They empty our minds of negative, irrational and illogical thinking, connect us to purity and return us to who we really are. Here are a few of my favorite quotes that I bring up with clients—and myself—on a nearly daily basis:

Life is a shipwreck

Doesn’t that just put it all in perspective for you? Can you feel the energy to begin thinking from the inside out and take responsibility for how you think about an event rather than blame the event for your demise?

Everything hangs on our thoughts

This reminds me that what I’m thinking about a situation—not the situation itself—is the critical issue to my success.

The door labeled success

If that’s not a kick in the rear to take action, I don’t know what is.

Motivation and inspiration are not necessarily the same things. They both rely on personal discipline to execute a plan. Motivation is something that generally comes from the outside—a motivational quote or picture on Pinterest, for example, that pushes you to do something you think you should do. But inspiration is more internal—it’s “in spirit” and thus from within, leading to action that’s more self-determined and deeply grounded within your essence. It still takes discipline to act consistently.

Motivational quotes can push you externally or brush up against or spark a more self-aligned calling or personal passion. Internal inspiration doesn’t require the same level of discipline that external motivation does, though both require your action.

Success quote

I find this quote so helpful when it comes to initiating, guiding and maintaining successful goal-oriented behaviors for my clients and myself.

Champions quote

These words activate us, propel us to persist in the face of obstacles, and help us find the concentration and vigor needed to reach our true potential.

Guts quote

Sometimes, just the right words offer us the perfect reminder that we do, indeed, have those guts.

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