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We all could use a little extra push from time to time when it comes to getting active—even fitness professionals. Here are the words that get fitness pros fired up for a great workout and the reasons why they rely on these motivational mantras.

This reminds me that everything we do takes time. Whether it's trying to get from 10 reps to 20 reps, running a half marathon or starting a new business, everything starts from passion and an idea and turns into an experience. 

- Andrea Metcalf, celebrity fitness expert, author and healthy lifestyle spokesperson

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I adopted this philosophy when I first started out in my own personal journey, 40 pounds ago, and was overwhelmed by trying to take on too many drastic changes to my lifestyle at once. After yet another crash diet failed me, I began making small, more manageable changes (10 minute workouts, simple eating swaps) that led to big, lasting results.

-Jessica Smith, certified wellness coach and creator of the Total Body Balance DVD

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I use this quote a lot with my clients. If they can just face their fitness fears and get started on working toward their goals (weight loss, muscle gain, etc.), then positive things will happen. Once they start, all of the positives that come with exercise and movement will become apparent and hopefully they will make that healthy lifestyle change. 

-Doug Balzarini, C.S.C.S., MMA-CC, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, founder of DB Strength and head strength and conditioning coach for Alliance Training Center

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I love this quote because it gets me out of my rut and reminds me that the only thing that is constant in life is change.

-Lawrence Biscontini, M.A., ACE Senior Group Fitness Consultant, award-winning presenter and mindful movement specialist

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I love this quote because I find that oftentimes people (including myself) get discouraged because they can't do certain exercises or because they can't exercise for as long or as intensely as they want to. Experience has taught me that if we can just focus on what we can do at the present moment, and do that the best we can, we will see great improvements. It doesn't really matter if my best today was less than yesterday's best, as long as I vow to do my very best each day.

- Kimberly Fleming, ACE-certified Personal Trainer and creator of Keep it Moving Fitness

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I like this quote because it keeps me in the present. It's so simple—I wake up each day and work with what I've got; not worrying or feeling guilty about the past, and not being anxious about what I think I should be in the future.

-Stephanie Thielen, B.S., continuing education provider for ACE and AFAA and master trainer for AEA, NETA, Stages and BOSU

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This is one quote that fires me up to get going everyday—I’ve had this hanging in my room since high school. To me, this quote represents the hustle and hard work it takes every day to be great. Success is a choice and is the culmination of consistent discipline and “best practices” that ultimately lead to success and significance.

-Todd Durkin, M.A., C.S.C.S., owner of Fitness Quest 10, Lead Training Advisor for Under Armour and author of The IMPACT Body Plan

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The mind is a powerful thing—it can help you succeed or fail and what you think shapes your reality. When you feel tired or sore or like you can’t keep going, it’s usually your mind, not your body, doing the talking. Change the conversation in your head and you’ll be surprised as to how much more you can accomplish in a single workout and over time. What the mind believes, the body achieves!

- Nicole Nichols, ACE-certified Personal Trainer and fitness expert for

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These words focus my thought process on realizing the simplicity in life, which is that it's not promised. Realizing that you’re actually running out of time as opposed to having time for me is pure motivation.

- Elliot Rivera, personal trainer, CEO of and creator of #OccupyGym™