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If your headphones and music player always make their way into your gym bag, you know that the right workout music playlist can make or break your workout! Since the right music can positively affect your exercise program, we know that your playlist is important. Take your workouts to the next level by seeing what experts and fitness professionals listen to during their entire workouts — from warm-up to cool-down!

Julz Arney
Julz Arney
Ace-certified Group Fitness Instructor; Lead Master Trainer for Schwinn Cycling
This playlist eases me into a run, indoor rowing session, or bike ride with a deceptively sweet track, then immediately calls for action with one song of intervals, one of high-intensity steady work and one more interval set before a break. Then, a long remix motivates me to stay on my game before Tina Turner demands I give her everything I've got in Proud Mary. The last three songs are high-energy, topping out with a six-minute drumming track that makes it impossible to give up early.
Franklin Antoian
Franklin Antoian
ACE-certified Personal Trainer and President of
This is the song I use for a run. The first two songs start slow and rev up. They are perfect for a warm-up. The next U2 song picks up the pace as I start my run while the next three keep me at a fun, steady place. As I finish my run, the Angels and Airwaves song is good for sprinting. The last three are fun, slow grooves that help me cool down.
Chris Freytag
ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach; Chair of ACE Board of Directors; national fitness expert
I'm totally into music and my kids (young adults now) keep me informed on what's happening in the world of music. Music changes my workouts. It's what gets me going. For cardio workouts (running, spinning, kickboxing, etc.), I like a to start off and keep going with upbeat music. I start with warming up and then keep it going. The first song to any playlist is key. It sets the tone for the rest of the workout (and in terms of group fitness, for the rest of the class). It lets your body know what to expect.

Cardio Jam Download the ClickMix

  • Sexy and I Know It
  • Give Me All Your Luvin'
  • Starships
  • Levels
  • Good Feeling
  • International Love
  • Glad You Came
  • What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
  • Wild Ones
  • Set Fire To The Rain
  • I Won't Give Up
Lawrence Biscontini
Lawrence Biscontini
ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor; ACE Senior Consultant Group Fitness
I just made a playlist on Clickmix called 20-20-20 MindBody, which fuses 20 minutes of yoga music with a great song that starts with "OM." Then the second 20 minutes can be used for a Pilates workout. The final 20 minutes include music appropriate for T'ai Chi and is very relaxing as well.

20-20-20 MindBody Download the ClickMix

  • Om
  • Placebo
  • Tantrica
  • Union
  • Gap
  • City Cafe
  • Laughing Buddha
  • Magic Melody
  • Autumn Dew
  • Gap
  • Autumn Dew
  • Asian Ambience 1
  • Sweet Escape
  • Asian Ambience 2
  • Intrinsic Beat
Shannon Fable
Shannon Fable
ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach; founder and CEO of Sunshine Fitness Resources and owner of Balletone
I just can't say enough about this mix! It's made of old tracks mixed with new and has a little bit of every style. The beat is steady. I use the first song as a warm-up, then the next two make for a strong 11 minutes of cardio work. There's a quick two-and-a-half-minute recovery, and the backside matches the front with 11 minutes of hard-hitting tunes to get your sweat on! The 2 songs at the finish provide the perfect ambience for reversing the work, and then there's a relaxing stretch. The words of the last song are to die for (thank you, Lawrence Biscontini, for sharing this beautiful track with me last year!) I use these songs while cycling (indoors and out), as well as running!

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