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internet addiction and exercise

Most of us cannot imagine living without the Internet these days. It's become such a natural part of our lives, Americans are willing to give up sex, alcohol, coffee, and even showers for connectivity.

Seriously. Even showers were on the list, ABC News reported. These surprising (or not?) findings were part of a larger study reported by the Boston Consulting Group.

Maybe Americans are willing to forego hygiene to check email and watch some YouTube videos, but are Americans willing to give up exercise?

43 percent of Americans said they would give up exercise for internet connectivity.

Don't fret that the country is too easily willing to sacrifice healthy behavior. 83 percent of Americans said they would rather give up fast food than the Internet. And in case you're still stuck on the other memorable answers — 21 percent would sacrfiice sex while seven percent would give up showers.

What would you be willing to sacrfice for the Internet? Would you give up exercise?