American Council on Exercise by American Council on Exercise

By now, you've probably seen exercise enthusiasts — or anyone who likes wearing gloves on their feet — donning barefoot-style and minimalist shoes. As strange as the shoes may look, fans swear by them and an ACE-sponsored third-party independent research study found that the shoes can help alleviate chronic pain some runners may experience.

But for some, the sole on the Vibram FiveFingers may still be a little too much shoe. For them, The Swiss Barefoot Company has developed sturdy toe socks that will protect your feet from "sharp objects" while getting you closer to being completely barefoot.

The socks are made from a knitted fabric composed of 50 percent Kevlar, 32 percent polyester, eight percent spandex, and 10 percent cotton. The bottoms are laminated with eco-friendly PVC, which makes them cut-resistant.

Watch the minimalist sock maker's video below to see just how much these socks can endure — on rough terrain both in and out of water.

Would you invest in these socks? Do minimalist shoes still not feel bare enough?

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