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Blue Ivy Carter is only weeks old, but all eyes are already on mom, Beyoncé, and how she will shape her post-baby body.

That's certainly a lot of pressure on the new mom, but she has always had an enviable body and has advocated for youth fitness. Miranda Lambert told Shape she pushes herself harder during workouts when she pictures Beyoncé's body while listening to "Run the World (Girls)." Beyoncé also encouraged youth fitness when she joined Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign and released a flash workout and video, "Move Your Body," (watch it above).

So how exactly will Beyoncé move her body to get into post-baby shape?

Celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, told MTV that once a new mother gets clearance from her doctor, she should focus on living an overall healthy life. Workouts should "include all of the components of fitness — cardio, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance — for overall functional health and fitness and for maximum results," Jenkins said.

For endurance, Jenkins includes circuit training and for strength and flexibility, she prescribes yoga and Pilates to her celebrity clients.

Other key tips Jenkins highlighted included finding a routine you enjoy, progressing healthfully and always engaging your core — even when you are just cooking in the kitchen.

ACE agrees that new moms should always talk to their physicians before getting back into an exercise routine after giving birth. Once they're able, consistency and slowly increasing exercise frequency, duration and/or intensity will help.

Maybe Beyoncé should also include burpees into her routine, like Jessica Alba reportedly didto get back into amazing post-baby shape for the second time.

What do you recommend for Grammy-award winning Beyoncé?

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