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You may know how many calories you burned during your run, but how do you track activity when you go out dancing (or dance by yourself in front of the mirror), take the stairs, or play some pick-up basketball? Nike+ released the solution today: its Nike+ FuelBand.

Nike says this thin wristband will track all of your physical activity throughout the day using one metric. 

Gizmodo reported that it seeks to do this by using "oxygen kinetics" to determine how much oxygen you're using and therefore, what kind of activity you're doing — strenuous or sitting at your desk. Then, it will convert the oxygen information into what they call Nikefuel so that all your activity is tracked using one metric.

Based on a goal you set at the beginning of the day, this fitness gadget will track your progress and light up from red to green — red means you haven't met your goal and green means you have.

The FuelBand connects to your computer via USB, or to your iPhone and Nike+ FuelBand app via Bluetooth.

Nike says, "Life is a sport. Make it count." Will you use this gadget to track your daily physical activity?

By the way, sleeping in a chair, getting waxed and surfing the web won't count:

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