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If you're looking to get strong and powerful — like a Bulgarian wrestler — but your current fitness program or equipment has you in a rut, you may want to look to the Bulgarian Bag. 

Bulgarian wrestling coach, Ivan Ivanov, developed this piece of equipment that ACE Exercise Physiologist and Fitness Expert, Pete McCall, describes as a hybrid of a kettlebell and sandbag. McCall named the Bulgarian Bag as one of seven products personal trainers should watch (read about the other six products) and attests to it being part of a "butt-kicking workout."

"It's a great tool for developing multi-planar explosive power or replicating the demands of sports like Mixed Martial Arts, which require moving a dynamic load like an opponent," McCall said.

Another plus of using the Bulgarian Bag is that it doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Lifehacker reports that you can make your own using a large truck or tractor tire inner-tube, wood pellets, zip ties and duct tape. Here's a video showing how:

[via lifehacker]


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