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It's only been a month since Hilary Duff announced she was expecting her first child with Mike Comrie, but she's already settled into her new mom-to-be workout routine!

As reported in People, Duff is maintaining modified workouts three to five times a week with celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak. Pasternak mentioned managing her heart rate, minimizing impact, keeping away from stretching and avoiding lying on her back to keep pressure off her midsection as priorities.

For arm workouts, Pasternak noted he would switch Duff from free weights to safer cable or elastic band exercises further into her pregnancy.

Are you a mom-to-be or trainer to expecting moms? How do you modify your workouts?

For more resources, read the ACE Fit Facts™, "Exercise and Pregnancy." If you are a trainer looking to learn more about working with pre- and post-natal clients, check out ACE's Continuing Education Courses.

[via People]

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