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In recognition of May being Women’s Health Month, we're hosting a new dialogue series centered on women’s health and women fitness professionals. Hosted by members of ACE’s team, these inspiring talks explore the challenges women face in the fitness industry, address the importance of representation and provide insightful tips for aspiring fitness professionals. 

This series aims to continue ACE’s discourse around equity, diversity and inclusion by amplifying the voices of female fitness professionals. According to a 2018 article by MVP Sports Clubsthe vast majority of personal trainers, health coaches and group fitness instructors are women. The same article states that men outnumber women on most executive teams within the fitness industry, especially in CEO positions. This disparity between working fitness professionals and fitness industry executives who are women is just one of the challenges faced by women in the fitness industry. 

In the second installment, ACE Expert Araceli De Leon spoke to Maxi Blasini, MS on her innovative approach to health coaching and how she has pivoted her business model to support underserved communities that usually do not have access to health coaching services. Maxi explains the impact it's had on the community. 

Watch part 1, "Challenges and Representation for Women in Fitness"