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Whether you are a newly certified health coach or have years of experience, until recently the most productive path to financial viability was through creating your own business. An avalanche of evidence demonstrating the effective influence of multifaceted team-based interventions in primary care is translating into an exponential expansion of employment opportunities for certified health coaches.

As the paradigm of healthcare’s response to chronic diseases continues to shift, a door is swinging wide open for health coaches to gain employment beyond their entrepreneurial efforts. The meteoric rise of telehealth, as reported by the US Department of Health and Human Services, is creating employment opportunities for health coaching to be delivered remotely/virtually.

Health coaches who are seeking opportunities beyond opening their own businesses may want to investigate employment opportunities in the following categories:

Digital Health Companies

Digital health companies are a growing category made up of often well-funded companies that are expanding market share through a new channel of delivery that can offer fast career advancement. Virtual care delivery, behavior health, and disease management and therapeutics are strong and growing subcategories within digital health. Disease management and therapeutic programs addressing specific conditions, such as musculoskeletal injuries or type 2 diabetes, are areas where added skillsets and specializations can tip the scales in your favor.

Regional Hospitals

Regional hospitals are dedicated to deepening their connection to their communities as a means to provide services to as many people as possible. As part of this approach, they often offer programs designed around lifestyle choice as a preventive approach to chronic conditions. Additionally, many are offering health coaching in conjunction with community outreach biometric screenings.

Healthcare Insurers

Many healthcare insurers are offering health coaching as an added benefit and/or revenue stream in their overall offerings to large corporations/organizations. While this is not an entirely new occurrence, the focus on certified health coaches to fill those roles is new, as is the growing demand for the service.

Health Clubs

Health clubs are filled with people seeking to gain, improve and sustain their personal health and wellness. Many health clubs are becoming “health hubs” and developing teams of highly qualified professionals, including health coaches, as a way to increase value to current members and attract non-members through person-centered wellness programs.

Corporate Wellness Companies

The corporate wellness space is robust—with a healthy growth curve—and is predominately serviced by medium to large companies that offer a full suite of scalable solutions. Certified health coaches play an important role, as their ability to connect and partner with the employees of a corporate client often results in both the qualitative and quantitative metrics through which the contract is maintained and grown. Opportunities with corporate wellness companies often include being onsite at corporate client locations and/or virtual service delivery.