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Some people who are already overweight are so desperate to quality for weight loss surgery, they are gaining more weight.

Utah-based personal trainer, Drew Manning, is not one of those people, but he has gained 70 pounds after abandoning his usual exercise and diet routine. Why would he do this? Because he said his overweight clients said he couldn't relate with their struggles, reported MSNBC.

So on May 7, 30-year-old Manning began eating fast food, sodas, white breads, pasta and high-sugar cereal.

Calling his program Fit2Fat2Fit (photos are on his site), Manning will begin a fitness regimen on Nov. 5 to start losing the weight and get fit again.

Since gaining the weight, Manning said, "I'm lethargic. I'm more self-conscious, nothing feels like it fits right. I'm uncomfortable in my own skin." But, he said he has more empathy now.

Manning will be a guest on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" tonight, Oct. 27, so tune in if you want to hear more from him.

Do you think this was the only way for him to truly understand his overweight clients? Would you do this, too?

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