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Do you want to be my study buddy?

Do you want to be my study buddy? | April Merritt | Exam Preparation Blog | 4/25/2011


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Study BuddyYour ACE exam preparation material – manual(s), Master the Manual, online exam review, diagnostics/sample tests etc. – are designed as part of an “at home” study program.  That means that as a candidate you receive your materials, study your materials, review, quiz, repeat and repeat again until you feel you are ready for the exam.

But sometimes one is the loneliest number. And what if you are one of those people who learn best in a group? Or with a partner? Maybe you need someone holding you accountable for your studies. What are your options then?

For those candidates who learn better in a group environment, ACE has a listing of University Partners which offer an ACE review course at their institutions. The length of the course is based on the host site – a semester, a short summer session, a between semesters course – and their needs. With these University Partner classes, the goal is to prepare candidates for the ACE Exam using ACE approved curriculum and materials. While most sites listed offer primarily the personal trainer review, there are some that also offer a review for Group Fitness Instructor, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, and Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist.

So who are these University Partner people? The list can be found on our ACE website, at the following link:

But maybe you need someone to study with and a classroom setting isn’t your speed. Or maybe you don’t have a university partner in your area. Or maybe you just want a little one on one help with a topic. Finding a study buddy can be challenging…but there are other people out there looking too!

Now, we don’t run a dating service to connect you with those study buddies…but you can check out our ACE Study Center Facebook page to see who else might be in need of a study partner. We have designed it specifically to allow our students to connect with each other and help each other through the exam preparation process.

Head on over to the Study Center Facebook page and post that you are looking for someone to study with. If you are specific about your location and needing to meet in person, definitely put that. Or, you can offer to be an online study buddy. This might get you more responses, and with the technology available like email, Skype, and chat groups, the connection possibilities are endless.

Finally, you might consider a tutor to help you get through some tough topics or challenging concepts. Check with your local college or university, specifically the kinesiology or exercise science department. Many times there are upper level students or grad students who are looking to make a little money on the side by helping others. You may even run into someone who is already ACE certified!

So your next step is to find the best way to study – whatever that may be – and get started! If you have questions, just contact us at 1-888-825-3636 x782.

(updated from an earlier post)