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Anatomy - The Movie

Anatomy - The Movie | April Merritt | Exam Preparation Blog | 4/4/2011


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AnatomyLet’s all go to the movies…let’s go see a show! Except in the case you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or put up with those people who talk during movies.

I know we talk about anatomy a lot on this blog (see here and here) but that is because anatomy is a challenging and anxiety producing subject for many candidates. Yes you have a lot of great information in your Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals book and some great visuals in your supplemental anatomy book (either the Musculoskeletal Anatomy book from ACE or your own anatomy book).  But if you are one of those candidates who is a more visual learner…there is an option for you!

Inside the back cover of your Essentials manual there is a DVD titled ‘ACE Essentials of Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology’. It’s about 116 minutes total in length and primarily covers chapters 1 (Human Anatomy) and 3 (Fundamentals of Applied Kinesiology) in your Essentials book.

So what specifically does this DVD cover? Of course it goes more in-depth with anatomy, providing candidates with a point and talk presentation of the various muscles and actions. There is a pointer, a chart of muscles, and two people to demonstrate the movements and the muscles involved. It’s a great way to get a real life view of how anatomy works.

But that’s not all! The Essentials DVD also goes over the basics of anatomic position and planes of motion, posture – the good, the bad and ugly; the kinetic chain, and the five major movement patterns (which relates to all the functional information in the Personal Trainer manual).  Some of this information is discussed in Chapter 1 of Essentials while some of it is discussed in Chapter 3.

When is the best time to view this Essentials DVD? You might want to take it out after your first read through of Essentials Chapter 1. That is usually the time when candidates begin to panic about the massive amounts of information they believe they have to learn. After you have read your chapter watch through the DVD, then go back and review the information in the chapter. You could do the same thing after you have read Essentials Chapter 3 if you are struggling with the information in there.

Don’t forget…this is a DVD, which means you can watch it in most standard DVD players, but will only be able to watch it on your computer if your computer has a DVD player and DVD player software installed.

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