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Everything you need to know about retaking your ACE Exam!

Everything you need to know about retaking your ACE Exam! | Alexandra Link | Exam Preparation Blog | 11/14/2011


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student reviewing ACE exam

If the ACE exam was a bit more challenging than you thought it would be, that’s okay. ACE is here to assist you in taking the necessary steps to be successful on your retake exam, so that you can get started in your career as a fitness professional!

Step 1: Review your exam results. Log into your ACE account and review your score under “My Exam Information,” by selecting “View Results.” The complete score report breaks down how you performed in each of the four domains on the exam.  This report allows you to learn more about where your strengths and weaknesses lie with exam material and provides great feedback when moving forward preparing for your retake exam.

Step 2: Take advantage of our Study Assistance Program. Our ACE Educational Consultants (also known as Study Coaches) are here to help you be successful! They can help you understand a tricky concept, give you guidance on topics that you might want to review in more depth, and help you figure out when to use which materials as you progress through your studies/preparation process. To speak with a Study Coach, please call 1-800-825-3636 ext. 796 or feel free to send them an email.

Step 3: Decide when you will be ready to retake your ACE Exam. Too often, candidates rush into retaking their ACE Exam thinking that the material will still be fresh in their minds if they re-sit sooner rather than later. ACE recommends that all retake candidates take the appropriate amount of time to review their strengths and weaknesses and to really focus studying on those areas of weakness. Remember that the goal is comprehension and understanding — not memorization. That being said, there is no set amount of time (i.e. no probationary period) that you must wait to retake your exam.

However, there are two important timelines to keep in mind when scheduling your retake exam: (1) You must register for your exam at least 10 days in advance of the date that you would like to sit for your exam. (2) The retake exam fee is $199.00 and this price point will apply for one year following the date of your previous exam. After this one year period the retake price point will increase to the full exam price of $399.00.

Step 4: Register for your retake. To register for your exam, please log into your ACE account with your username and password. Click on “My Exam Information” and then select “Schedule Retake.” You will be prompted all the way through the registration process to the checkout page where you will be asked for a credit card. Once you click the submit button and your registration is processed, please make sure to receive the confirmation page that follows, as well as the confirmation email regarding your exam.

Step 5: Continue studying and preparing for your ACE retake Exam. Utilize the Study Assistance Program and other resources to the best of your ability during this process.

Step 6: Come prepared on the “big day.” Show up on the day of the exam with your ACE Exam Admission Ticket, your valid photo ID (i.e. driver’s license), and the confidence that you are well prepared to retake this exam!

For more information on how to register for your retake exam, please contact our Exam Registration Department at 1-888-825-3636 ext. 783 or via email

Best of luck on preparing and sitting for your retake ACE exam!