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I’m Ready To Book My Exam! Where Did That Testing Site Go?

I’m Ready To Book My Exam! Where Did That Testing Site Go? | Suzayn Chandler | Exam Preparation Blog | 8/29/2011


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ACE Exam PrepHave you finished preparing for your ACE exam? You are now feeling confident and ready to schedule the big date, but after you log into your ACE account and enter your zip code, that testing site you once saw in your area is no longer showing future dates.  Where did that site go? 

Don’t panic! ACE has over 500 computer based testing sites throughout the US and Canada. Fortunately, the majority of sites offered by ACE are able to show their available dates on the ACE website as soon as 10 days out and many sites are even able to continue showing dates as far out as to 90 days.

Wondering why you aren’t seeing your site then? Well, ACE does have some sites that may not be able to keep regular dates posted during the busy times, but rest assured that most of these sites are still active ACE testing sites and seats can be requested!

How do I find one of these “hidden” sites?
Good question! The sites aren’t actually hidden — they just appear to be. The ACE Exam Registration Department can assist you in registering for a seat at a site for which you no longer see posted dates on the ACE website.  Just remember: Before you make the call or send that e-mail, please be sure you have completed your CPR/AED course and that your CPR/AED is not scheduled to expire prior to the exam date.

My CPR/AED class is scheduled.  Can you still request my date?
You must complete your course before contacting Exam Registration to request your seat.  ACE is not able to request or book your exam date if you only have a CPR date scheduled, but haven’t actually yet completed the course.   You never know when a class might get cancelled or if you might get sick and are unable to attend.  Having your CPR/AED training already completed prior to registration ensures that you meet the eligibility requirements to become an ACE Certified Professional

Who do I contact?
For assistance, please e-mail Exam Registration or call 1-800-825-3636 ext. 783 Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm PST. If you are sending us an e-mail, please let us know the name of the site or city and if possible, it always helps to get 3 specific dates that would work for you.  Providing an AM or PM testing time preference will also allow us to make sure we do our best to accommodate your testing needs.

How long will this take?
The ACE Exam Registration Department will start working on your request the same day you contact us.  In many cases, you may even receive an answer back within a few hours!  Some sites may take a bit longer to respond to our inquiry, but don’t worry, you will be contacted as soon as ACE is able to provide you with information regarding your request. 

What will I need once I am contacted?
In these cases, a special seat has been added just for you!  If you are not paying with a pre-paid exam voucher, please be ready to give your ACE representative a credit card and CPR/AED details to complete your registration!  Keep in mind that the ACE Exam Registration Department may also be able to assist with requesting a seat beyond what is currently posted at a preferred site within 90 days.  Just give us a call or send an e-mail keeping in mind that these requests should only be made only when seats are very limited.