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I've Got a Voucher...Now What Do I Do?

I've Got a Voucher...Now What Do I Do? | April Merritt | Exam Preparation Blog | 6/20/2011


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Personal Trainer Certification Exam VoucherMaybe you’ve bought your study materials recently and received an ACE Certification Exam Voucher (aka voucher) as part of your package. You know it’s good for one exam registration…but what else do you know?  And what do you need to know?

Where is my voucher? It didn’t come with my materials!

Didn’t see your voucher in your box of exam materials? Don’t worry! The voucher is electronic – there is nothing that arrives in the mail. Instead, the voucher ‘lives’ in your account until you are ready to redeem it. When you are ready to sign up for an exam, just log into your account, click on ‘My Vouchers’ and follow the instructions listed there.

I'm ready to take the test and redeem my voucher!

Wait! Do you have your CPR/AED up to date? Your CPR/AED certificate must be current at the time of well as on your exam date.

My voucher is going to expire…but I’m not ready to take the test!

The vouchers are good for six months from their date of purchase (in case you forget, the date is listed in your account). This means that you register for an exam within six months from the day the voucher was issued. Do you have to take the exam in that one year time frame? Nope! But you do need to complete registration for an exam before that one year is up.

Can you prepare for the exam in six months? Of course! But once your six months is up you cannot redeem the voucher and the fee you originally paid for it is not refundable.

Oops! My voucher expired...what do I do?

You can still register for an exam. However, you will have to pay the discounted rate of $199 for up to one year after your voucher expiration.

I don’t want to take the test. Can I give my voucher to someone else?

Nope. Once you have purchased a voucher it is non-refundable. Vouchers are also non-transferrable. This means you can’t sell someone your voucher. Also…you can’t purchase someone else’s voucher and use it for yourself. Once you’ve redeemed your voucher (used it to purchase an exam) you will not be refunded if you decide, ‘oops, didn’t want to take that exam after all’ and decide to cancel. 

 Questions about purchasing a voucher? Questions about redeeming a voucher? Contact an Education Consultant at 1-888-825-3636 x782 or by email at