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My Materials Just Arrived...Now What Do I Do?

My Materials Just Arrived...Now What Do I Do? | American Council on Exercise | Exam Preparation Blog | 8/20/2012


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Receiving a package in the mail is always exciting, especially when its contents are your first step to an exciting new journey as a fitness professional. While you will probably want to jump right into the materials as soon as you receive the package, once you open your Study Bundle package and start going through all of its content, that excitement may turn into anxiety. While we know the amount of content may be overwhelming, we provide you with many resources to help you prepare for the exam along the way, with our latest interactive study guides, ACE Academy and Academy Elite, at the center of it all.

ACE Academy now comes with our Standard PT Study Bundle, and Academy Elite is included in our Premium and Premium Plus Bundles. To help differentiate between the two, we've included a breakdown of what is included in each feature. (If you're looking for a more in-depth description of each, we recommend reading our "Using ACE Academy & ACE Academy Elite" blog post.

ACE Academy

ACE Academy Elite

12 Week Guided Email Series

Video Lecture Series

1 Practice Test

Custom Progress Tracking

Exam Review

2 Practice Tests

Access to ACE Resource Center

Exam Review


Access to ACE Resource Center

 With the help of Academy & Academy Elite guiding you through the materials, you can now dive into the Personal Trainer manual. You will begin by reading the first four chapters of this book before switching over to foundational background science in ACE's Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals book, which covers topics such as Human Anatomy, Exercise physiology, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Physiology of Training.

Once you complete all five chapters in this book, you will switch back over to the Personal Trainer Manual. Included in this manual is an instructional DVD that covers anatomy and applied kinesiology. Where you decide to use this DVD in your study may vary, but we recommend watching a few chapters and then reading the corresponding chapter in the book. Incorporate the flash cards as a form of study at home or on-the-go – they are a great portable tool that can be used throughout the study process.

In the Personal Trainer Manual, you will learn how to build rapport while safely and effectively creating a unique program that meets each client's individual needs through functional assessments, program design and implementation.

The Master the Manual Study Guide is a tool used in conjunction with the PT Manual to help you understand key concepts from each chapter. Don't forget to incorporate the Online Exam Review Course – each module is designed as an instructional tool to review your studies, including a quiz in each section.

Want to put your knowledge to practice as you work through the study? Become your own client. Use ACE's Practical Guide to Exercise Coaching DVD – complete with more than 40 exercises – in the back of the ACE Personal Trainer 4th edition Manual as a tool and go through the movements where applicable. You may find a kinesthetic learning component can be helpful in understanding the information you have been studying along the way. Apply the principles you learn throughout the study to your own program because then, your knowledge base and application of that knowledge may increase.

As you get closer to the completion of your study, you may opt to take one of the two Online Diagnostic Practice Tests. These tests are interactive and help to assess your knowledge set and application of this knowledge.

Each test is comprised of 60 questions, encompassing the four domains of the exam listed in the Exam Content Outline – Appendix B in the back of the PT manual. Upon completion of each practice test, you will receive these results: Correct answers with explanations, incorrect answers with the right answer and why, and where to go in your manual for further study. By using these results, you will be able to narrow the areas of focus you need to study so that you will be successful on exam day!

Remember, you want to register for your exam at least 10 days prior to your desired exam date, and you must have your CPR and AED certificates in order to register.

Have a question regarding the materials, your study, or getting started? Contact one of our Education Consultants Monday – Friday, 7am-5pm (PST) at 1-800-825-3636 ext. 782 or visit our Study Center Facebook Page to talk to an ACE Representative online!